Evoto: Maximizing Profits With Smart Choices in Photography

The more I see AI churn out headshots and portraits with twisted appendages and those weird, dead eyes, the less I'm sweating about artificial presences taking over the photography world. Why fight AI when you can make it work for you? So, instead of pushing it away, I've started using AI tools in my day-to-day. It's not replacing my job; it's just handling the mundane stuff.

Enter Evoto. I'm sure you've heard of it by now. Let's talk about how AI tools, like Evoto, can actually help you make more money. 

In the bustling realm of photography, one undeniable truth persists: variety is not just the spice of life; it's the essence of robust sales. Today's discerning clients crave choices, and the more diverse and enticing your portfolio, the more lucrative your business becomes. Evoto stands out as a beacon in this context, not just amplifying the visual appeal but also driving phenomenal savings and increased profitability for photographers. Let's break down how.

Multiplying Choices, Multiplying Sales

The equation is simple: the more options you present, the higher the likelihood of a sale. But traditionally, offering variety, especially in terms of background alterations, came with a price tag. If you commissioned a retoucher for background changes, you'd easily be set back by $5-20 for a single swap, at least in my experience. Want to give your client options of white, black, and gray? That's a whopping $15 or more for one image, and that's excluding the costs and time dedicated to general retouching.

Enter Evoto. For a minuscule seven cents an image (or less if you purchase bulk credits), not only can you change the background once, but you can also do it repeatedly without incurring extra fees. The math speaks for itself: from $15 with traditional retouching to mere cents with Evoto. This price difference, especially when dealing with large volumes of photos, can lead to exponential savings, effectively lining your pockets with substantial profits or at least lowering your cost of production.

So now, if I'm working with a large brand who wants their brand identity imprinted on their executive headshots, I can color-match their logo and offer that background in addition to the standard white, gray and black I generally recommend for corporate headshots. Can I charge more? You bet. 

The best part of the background replacement tool in Evoto? No more fussing with what your light settings need to be to get a perfect white background.

Cost Efficiency Meets Excellence

It's rare to find a tool that guarantees both cost efficiency and superior quality, but Evoto achieves this balance impeccably. While its pricing model dramatically reduces expenses, the tool doesn't compromise on the quality of the results. Each background replacement is seamless, precise, and professional – the kind of quality you'd expect from an experienced retoucher.

If you so dare, you can even tweak the edges in Evoto, but I've found doing so actually makes the quality worse. Just leave the accuracy to Evoto.

Uncharted Potential and the Road Ahead

While many photographers, myself included, have tapped into Evoto for its background replacement prowess, it's essential to remember that this tool has even more to offer. Embedded with advanced AI-driven retouching and cropping tools, the potential for further savings and enhanced offerings is vast. Even if you've just scratched the surface, like I have, the savings are already monumental. Fully embracing Evoto’s suite of features could redefine your photography business's profitability matrix.

The age-old adage, "a penny saved is a penny earned," holds profound truth in the digital photography landscape. By making the switch to Evoto AI, photographers aren't just saving pennies; they're amassing significant earnings. In the competitive world of photography, where every dollar and every second counts, integrating tools like Evoto is not just smart – it's essential for those eyeing amplified profits and superior client satisfaction.

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Jeremy Bustin is a portrait and headshot photographer in Atlanta. He specializes in corporate photography and actor headshots. His work also spans event photography, commercial photography, editorial photography, and studio photography.

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