STROBE: How Lexus Created This Complex Stop-Motion-Like Video Using Practical Effects

Stop motion is one of the oldest and historically most popular tricks in the industry. It was used in many great films, music videos, advertisements and children's TV shows for many years. Recently Lexus decided to take the stop motion idea and combine it with some cool practical effects to create their new TV advertising spot. In order to execute their idea, they hired 40 engineers and many stuntpeople to help them with that complex task. 

Lexus and ad agency CHI&Partners hired acrobats and marshal arts experts to act as the 'Light Man' seen in the video while suspended from cranes and rooftops. Though they could have easily create such a video in CGI and green screens, by doing it the old fashioned way using practical effects they arguably made a much more interesting video. 

After you finish watching the video above, check out the video below to further understand the idea behind the project and how it was done.

[Via Gizmodo]

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That is really, really cool. :D

Love this stuff. So cool to see people come up with a crazy idea and then make it happen.

Pretty cool stuff. I don't think they could have pulled it off in the US tho.

Wow, amazing video.


This is too good

I cant imagine the planning for that! Especially off the building!