Selfies Anonymous: The Truth Behind Our Photos on Instagram

As part of the Selfie generation, we (sometimes) find ourselves posting photos of ourselves in weird poses, or photos that make us look a little douchey in general. It's time to stop, reflect and change our habits - which is why this video above was created. This video shows us some of the most annoying types of posts we see (or contribute) on Instagram on a daily basis, and actually makes the selfie craze look.. well.. crazy. Hopefully it will make people think twice before they post a mirror selfie. Amen.

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Tobias van Schalkwyk's picture

Enjoy'd this one :) So true...

Tom Barker's picture

Pretty entertaining piece. I'm sure we can all relate to being guilty of one of those! For me it's the airplane view :D

Kelvin Chan's picture

Sad but true :/

Michael LaNasa's picture

Loved this; I make fun of friends for the mirror shots... and yet, I'm definitely guilty of the travel and food photos.

Richard Wensel's picture

HAH. The guy taking his picture during the meeting is killing me.

Daniel Garcia's picture

LOL! Thanks for the laugh. I never take selfies. I'm totally against it. I'm a photographer. I take self-portraits ;)

I'm always amazed at the sheer volume of selfies that pop up in my Facebook feed. I have one friend who, no joke, posts at least 5 pictures of herself every single day, usually after running several miles. You're a pastry chef, you're the one person allowed to post a thousand food pictures and yet it's all selfies! Another friend, who is so intelligent and beautiful, is guilty of duck face in every single selfie. No pictures of her upper degree black belt skills, but a million duck face selfies lol. I must be the only one who is horribly unphotogenic on a cell phone camera.