Hilarious but Accurate Video Offers Tips on How to Take Better Concert Photos, Selfies, and Snapchats

We live in a world of shared experience. It is no longer enough to simply enjoy a moment; it must be documented so that others know you were there and that in fact you did have a good time. This is more so popular with the younger crowd and as a result concerts have become one of the most popular venues to find the selfie and the Snapchat. Filmmaker Woody Roseland has put together a hilarious video to help you achieve a clean, simple, and effective result. That is of course if you'll even bother.

Woody Roseland offers up five tips on how to create an effective Snapchat video or Instagram selfie, but ultimately, his message is that you should just not bother with it at all. Using his down-to-earth and abrasive humor he drives home the point that at the end of the day nobody really cares about the concert images you share. He knows that no matter how much he tries to convince you though, you will probably still do it, so in an effort to bring some quality to your posts he has offered up a few simple tips.

Perhaps we should all be taking a lesson from this lady and an image which has since gone viral. The image is of an older woman in a crowd of cell phones eager to capture the moment as she stands alone actually enjoying it.

This image speaks volumes about our current culture and its obsession with documenting and sharing every aspect of our lives. Perhaps when it comes to concerts we can put those phones down. If not for us, for all those around us.

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It's great to see videos like this one. It proves that there actually are some people that realize we are getting totally mad with social medias and smartphones.
The picture with the old lady speaks thousand words. The elder generation, watching the thing happen with a big smile and the rest of the crowd just being stressed out to miss the shot…

Taking a photo, or a selfie at a concert isn't in itself the problem. The problem is spending your entire time there taking multiple photos or even recording video. Earlier this year Garth Brooks came to my home town. Since this is a rare event, I most certainly took a couple photos with my phone. This last part is key though: After a few photos, put your phone away and enjoy the experience. It's hard to reminisce when looking at photos but can't remember being there.

Seriously, this video should have just ended after the first 6 seconds!