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Mixing Hard and Soft Light for Pleasing Tabletop Product Photography

Tabletop product images, especially those shot top down, are very popular in recent years. They can give a clean and minimal design esthetic while still clearly showcasing all components of a product. It's no wonder these types of images flood many company social media pages. This video from Cinematography Database offers a good look at how to achieve a pleasing light setup for such work that mixes both hard and soft light.

Would You Let a Computer Critique Your Photography?

Photography and critiques seem to go hand in hand. If you've spent any time on social media you know exactly what I mean. Critiques can provide valuable insight into your work but that of course depends on the source. What if that source was a computer? Meet Keegan, the artificial intelligence photo critic that aims to be your personal photo coach.

How to Crush Blacks In Photoshop for a Matte Film Effect

Crushing blacks is a popular trend in Photoshop for achieving a more film-like matte effect that pairs well with vintage styling. It won't work with every image, but if it's a look you are after, photographer Mathieu Stern has put together a video suggesting three ways you can go about achieving and customizing the effect. In this article I will add on one more quick method in addition to the video which will give you plenty of options to play around with this effect and see which method works best with your workflow.

Pentax K-1 Crowned Best in Class and Third Best Overall Sensor

Pentax is a bit of an underdog these days. Often overlooked for Canon or Nikon and not nearly as popular as the Sony alternatives. While they might fly a bit under the radar those who have had the pleasure of using a Pentax camera know how rugged, ergonomic, and feature-rich their cameras are. On top of that they usually come in at the lowest price point. The Pentax K-1 is the company's first full-frame DSLR and not only does it follow the value-packed tradition, but DXOMark is claiming it to have the best sensor in its class and the third best sensor among all full-frame DSLRs on the market.

The Primoplan 58mm f/1.9 Will Be Another Revived Bokeh Workhorse From Meyer Optik

Meyer Optik has been on a mission since last year to reintroduce some of its classic lenses to the new digital age. The manufacturer has been using Kickstarter to revive several lenses from their Trioplan line, notably the 100mm f/2.8 and the 50mm f/2.9. After finding incredible success Meyer Optik has decided to relaunch another line, the Primoplan, starting with the 58mm f/1.9.

Nikon Now Offering Paid Online Photography Classes

Nikon has been running the Nikon School program in the U.S.A. for the past 30 years and just a few days ago they announced the expansion of this program by offering paid online classes through the introduction of Nikon School Online. The original Nikon School program has taught over 100,000 students in the United States but was always a regional option. By moving to an online platform, Nikon hopes to reach a wider audience and expand their popular program.

Photograph Product on a Whiteboard to Easily Ensure Consistent Angles

When shooting catalog images of product it is very important to have consistency throughout the project. Oftentimes a single product might have several versions and each has to be shot separately. Since we want to ensure a consistent look for our clients we have to make sure the product lines up perfectly from shot to shot across all versions. Here is how I personally tackle that for tabletop images.

Photographers, Stop Asking Clients for Their Budget

One of the most common questions photographers have is about how to effectively price their work. Rates vary so widely based on location and skill level that many are left scratching their heads as to what is fair. This has led to the common mantra stating “ask for the clients budget.” Here is why I think that's a ridiculous way to price yourself and a horrible piece of advice.

How to Build a Simple but Effective Camera Jib for $35

Most photographers have a tripod laying around, but tripods and overhead shots don't always mix well. If you've ever tried taking an overhead shot with a tripod, odds are you have had the legs get in the way. One way to get around this problem is to use an overhead camera jib, and YouTuber Energy Researcher has crafted a great DIY version that works well and is extremely budget friendly.

VSCO Offers Free Studio Space in New York City

Renting studio spaces can get pretty pricey, especially in big cities like New York. VSCO is now offering free studio time in their New York location for all artists. If you are in the area, and have a project that requires a studio, this could be an awesome opportunity to take advantage of. The studio includes a permanent cyc wall and even some basic lighting to get you going.

New High-Speed Camera From NASA Captures Incredible Dynamic Range of Rocket Test

Trying to capture a rocket test using a high-speed camera requires some specialty equipment. Trying to capture that footage with enough dynamic range to see the detail in the plume and in the booster required NASA to develop a whole new camera. Watch this latest footage from a new camera NASA developed to capture a rocket test in slow motion and with high dynamic range.

A New And Free Service Looks To Tackle Copyright Infringement For Photographers

Last year I reported on Pixsy​ a start-up which was aiming to tackle copyright infringement for photographers. It looked promising but after giving it a test run I was left a bit under whelmed. Copyright issues plague our industry and many folks are desperately seeking a solution. A new and totally free service, Blockai, might just be the closest thing we have right now.

Quick and Easy Way to Fix Shiny Skin in Photoshop

Highlights that glow can be a great way to give your portraits and beauty work some pop, but there is a fine line between skin looking dewy and just straight oily. Shiny skin can be overwhelming to an image, but when faced with that problem you don't have to scrap the shot. In this quick video, photographer Joe Edelman shows us a quick and easy fix for controlling that shiny skin using Photoshop.

10 Best and Worst Features of Photoshop CC

Photoshop can be both a blessing and a curse. Undoubtedly, for many of us, it is a necessity to create the kind of images we desire. Like every piece of software, however, there are things that make our life easier and things that drive us insane. Nathaniel Dodson from Tutvid has made an extensive video exploring the top 10 things he hates as well as loves in Photoshop CC.

Photographer Sean Tucker Explains How to Capture Authentic Portraits of People

“The War In Every Portrait” is an interesting video from photographer Sean Tucker that explores the idea of capturing authentic moments in a portrait session. Tucker muses that there is a constant battle between the subject and the photographer. The goal is to find the kink in the armor of their exterior persona and expose the “real” person hidden inside.

Advice For New Photography Graduates From Chase Jarvis

As the end of the school year comes to a close we see many new and eager graduates entering the creative field. As a graduate what better way to kick start your new adventure than with some wise words aimed directly at you from Chase Jarvis himself?

Joel Grimes Shows How to Use a Beauty Dish in an Outdoor Lifestyle Setting

The humble beauty dish is a studio favorite but it is not often the first modifier most reach for when heading outdoors. Most beauty dishes are not all that portable and can add significant weight to your kit. With a few collapsible beauty dishes currently on the market you can now easily take that gorgeous light with you anywhere. Joel Grimes shows you how to make the most out of using a beauty dish in an outdoor setting.

Getty Makes a Massive Entrance Into Virtual Reality Space

Getty is the largest stock image provider in the world and it has now decided to become a major player in the 360-degree image and virtual reality space. This week Getty launched Getty Images Virtual Reality Group as part of their core offerings. With an initial addition of over 12,000 360-degree images, Getty is embracing the future of this fast growing sector.

4 Reasons to Consider Using a Rental Photography Studio

Shooting in a photography studio can seem a bit daunting. A lot of photographers choose to shoot outdoors due to budget constraints and the fear of stepping into a studio. There are, however, some real benefits to shooting in a studio and they apply to both new and experienced photographers. If you have not had a chance to try shooting in a studio I highly recommend the experience.

Chase Jarvis Tackles the Dirtiest Secret In Photography

Chase Jarvis is always putting out content that aims to push the boundaries of your thought process. Whether he is showing you how to creatively tackle projects with inspirational behind-the-scenes footage, or he is interviewing top creative minds to gain their insight on a variety of matters, Jarvis wants to make sure we have access to the information you don't even know you need. In this new video entry he explores a topic that struck a chord with me: the idea of drawing inspiration from outside sources.