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British Celebrities Weigh In On Whether Photography Is Art

British channel Sky Arts runs a segment called The Unspoken Truth where several celebrities offer their opinions and insights on a variety of topics. They recently tackled the question of whether photography is truly art or if perhaps it is over rated and should not be considered an art form at all. Their answers might make you a tad uncomfortable.

Coolors Is A New App That Quickly And Easily Generates Beautiful Color Palettes

Coolors is a fantastic new app that I stumbled across the other day. It is an incredibly easy and intuitive way to generate a beautiful 5 color palette for any situation. Primarily developed for designers it has instant appeal to us photographers. We deal with colors in most of our work and knowing how to match and complement effectively can make or break the images we create.

Supercharge Your Business With A Powerful 'About Me' Page

Your “About Me” page; let’s talk about it. This is perhaps one of the single most important pages on your website, and surprisingly it is also probably the most neglected and poorly presented page on most websites. How does yours stack up?

Restaurant Serves Food On Plates That Help Patrons Take Better Pictures Of Their Food

Here is an odd story coming out of Tel Aviv. The Israeli restaurant Catit has begun serving their food on a new set of plates which have been specifically designed to help their patrons take better images of their food. They have even created a specific menu which focuses on color and presentation to bring out the best in your Instagram photos.

Andy Baker On How to Get Your Work Seen By Clients

Behind The Glass recently spoke with Andy Baker, SVP/Group Creative Director at the National Geographic Channels, and he dispensed some incredibly valuable information on how to make sure clients see the work you are putting out. Andy is in charge of hiring many freelancers for National Geographics creative projects so this is the best inside scoop you can get.

Fitness Blogger Photoshops Her Body In Video To Appease Hateful Comments

Fitness blogger Cassey Ho has released a rather wonderful short video where she Photoshops her body in real time to appease all the hateful body shaming comments she receives on her blog, Blogilates. It is a powerful look into how we as a society perpetuate this impossible beauty standard and the impact that software such as Photoshop has on what we perceive to be beautiful in todays day and age.

Meet The Octographer: The World's First Octopus Photographer

As if you didn't already have enough competition as a photographer it now seems the animal kingdom is trying to get a piece of our pie. In New Zealand there is an Octopus named Rambo, trained and equipped by Sony, to do your job. World, meet the first Octographer.

How To Make A Steadicam From Two Old Hard Drives

Do you have any old hard drives kicking around? If you fancy yourself a bit of a DIY'er you might be pleasantly susprised at what you can make out of those old storage devices! Youtube user, Rulof Maker, shows us how to make a Steadicam out of 2 old hard drives and a few pieces from the hardware store. How's that for a fun spring project?

DigitalRevTV Compares The Yongnuo And Canon 50mm F1.8

Two weeks ago we saw Tony Northrup comparing the Canon and Yongnuo 50mm 1.8 lenses with his thorough video. Now Kai of DigitalRevTV has decided to bring you his own version of this same comparison. In typical Kai fashion, his presentation is perhaps more humorous than scientific, but in between the jokes are some real kernels of truth. Take a look at how his analysis compares with Tony's and whether the Yongnuo copy is really worth the savings.

5 Business Mistakes That Might Actually Put You Out Of Business

It’s not personal, it’s just business; Perhaps a saying more profound than most would imagine. As is the case with many endeavors born from a pursuit of passion, it can be hard for photographers to turn a hobby into a business. Here are five mistakes that might send you back to shooting as a hobby before you can even say “open for business.”

Tony Northrup Compares The Yongnuo And Canon 50mm 1.8

Yongnuo recently released a 50mm F1.8 auto focus lens to compete with the very popular Canon version. The Canon 50mm F1.8 is already considered a bargain lens, so with the Yongnuo coming in at half the already bargain basement price, can it possibly perform equally or even better? Tony Northrup put together a fantastic and comprehensive video that pits these two lenses side by side in a comparison that will answer all your questions.

LinusTechTips Gives Us The Lowdown With Their Extreme SD Card Showdown

The humble memory card is perhaps one of the most overlooked and neglected pieces of gear. It has the incredibly important and difficult task of accurately, quickly, and securely recording and storing all the data our cameras capture and it must do so time and time again. All this is demanded from something that we generally see as a disposable item, and one which we are prepared to save money on, but is that really the right mindset for something so important? Linus of has put together an incredibly informative comparison video that explains it all!

Exclusive Sneak Peek Inside The Pixsy Beta

A few months ago I wrote about Pixsy, a new online service, which promised to facilitate the process of dealing with copyright infringement. I have since been invited by the folks at Pixsy to give their Beta software a run through. After a few weeks of testing I am ready to share my opinions on this unique service!

Olympus Working On Technology That Would Allow Handheld Sensor Shift Images

Camera manufacturers are still cramming ever more pixels into their sensors. Canon has recently announced that it is releasing a 50MP full frame camera which has left many speculating about its technical limitations due to sheer physics. One solution of course is to move up to a larger medium format sensor but prices can be prohibitive for many. Olympus, in typical Olympus fashion, decides to tackle the want for more pixels in an innovative way.

Stop Holding Out And Share Those Images

Photography, for many of us, is a very personal ambition. As with any art form we pour our blood, sweat, tears, and heart into every project be it a paid or unpaid venture. Many of us put so much emphasis on the success of our creations that we are afraid to share them with the world. Many great pieces of work go unseen because of this irrational fear we hold.

Super Bowl XLIX First To Feature LED Lighting!

As you prepare to devour your nachos and chase it down with a couple beers you may notice something a little different about the Super Bowl today. University Of Phoenix Stadium, hosts of Super Bowl XLIX, have upgraded the old metal halide lights throughout the stadium and replaced them with LED light fixtures. Though not the first or only stadium to use LED lighting this will be the first time that LED lighting makes it to a Super Bowl broadcast!

Rescued Film Project Finds And Develops 31 Rolls Of Film From WW2

In late 2014 at an auction in Ohio, Levi Bettweiser of the Rescued Film Project, stumbled upon one of his greatest finds. Up for bid were 31 rolls of 70 year old undeveloped film from World War 2 shot by an unknown soldier and photographer. The Rescued Film Project is an effort to find and salvage undeveloped film from as early as the 1930's. They strive to recover even those films which are damaged by age or the elements, as in the case of this large find of film from WW2.

New Samyang 135mm F2 Spotted On Ebay!

Rokinon/Samyang have been throwing around cryptic teasers hinting at the fact that a new lens was coming in January 2015. "3 digits and they are all odd" read one of their promos. Everyone's best guess to date was a 135mm but we really had no information about it, that is, until now.

Vimeo Quietly Introduces 4K Streaming!

Not quite in full effect just yet but out of the blue it appears that Vimeo is slowly implementing 4K streaming capability. It is a feature which has been hinted at and many have been waiting for. Philip Bloom and James Miller break it down.

5 Tips For Making New Years Resolutions Like A Real Business

With the year drawing to a close, and the new one just around the corner, it is at this time many of us reflect on what has happened and what we plan to achieve. Year after year it is the same story. We make a couple resolutions, we give it a good go for a few weeks, and then we fall back into some old routines that keep us from making progress. Here’s how I like to tackle my resolutions and keep myself on track each and every year!