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LinusTechTips Gives Us The Lowdown With Their Extreme SD Card Showdown

The humble memory card is perhaps one of the most overlooked and neglected pieces of gear. It has the incredibly important and difficult task of accurately, quickly, and securely recording and storing all the data our cameras capture and it must do so time and time again. All this is demanded from something that we generally see as a disposable item, and one which we are prepared to save money on, but is that really the right mindset for something so important? Linus of has put together an incredibly informative comparison video that explains it all!linustechtips-fstoppers-photography-sdcards-memory

[via SLRLounge]

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albert Miller's picture

All good stuff to know.Enjoyed

Anonymous's picture

Interesting article. It would have been nice to see Lexar included in the lineup considering they and Sandisk seem to dominate the market.