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A Timelapse Video That Will "Move" You Like No Other

Videographer Lance Page has taken the concept of timelapse and turned it from something that has become a bit of a cliche, to a 4 minute video that takes your breath away. Instead of keeping the camera stationary with the Earth's axis, Page has decided to sync the camera with the movement of the stars, and has succeeded in masterfully portraying our planets rotation through space.

Do You Agree With The Latest Advice Of David Jay?

David Jay, founder of Shoot And Share a platform for photographers to share high resolution images with their clients, made a rather interesting comment on social media the other day. He proposes you ditch the rights to your work in celebration of freedom and claims it will make you a happier photographer and the world a better place!

Auxiliary Magazine Is Going To Print And They Want Your Support!

Auxiliary Magazine is all about the alternative. They go against the mainstream to bring you the beauty of sub-culture which they have been proudly doing for 5 years and through 32 issues. I sat down with the Editor In Chief for Auxiliary Magazine, Jennifer Link, to discuss what it takes to run a popular independent magazine as well as their recent Kickstarter campaign to help the magazine go to print.

Find Balance In Your Images With The Shooting Triangle

One of the biggest frustrations I had when starting out photography was striking a good balance between all the aspects that went into creating a good image. I needed a system that helped me visualize the factors at play so that I could fully understand their impact on the work I was doing. So I developed something I call the shooting triangle to help myself understand all the facets that go into creating a good image. It is a system that works for me and maybe it can help you too.

[NSFW] The Human Body Photographed At Age 101

This recent project by photographer Anastasia Pottinger aims to document the deterioration but also the resulting beauty of the human body as it crosses the 100 year mark. Every sag, every wrinkle, and every age spot on display in all its glory. Though perhaps a little bit haunting and a reminder of what we can all look forward to the photos manage to capture the raw essence of human beauty in its later years.

Take Your Portfolio To The Next Level With The Help Of A Model Scout

Do you want agency grade models in your portfolio but can't quite cut through the competition vying to test with the same talent? Do you want agency grade models in your portfolio but can't afford the agency rates? Modelling agencies are a fantastic source of top models but they are not the only way to acquire this elusive talent and build your portfolio very quickly to a professional standard.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Uses Katy Perry Cover On All 62 Editions

Cosmopolitan Magazine has released its July issues and they all have one thing in common; Katy Perry. She will be gracing the covers of all 62 international editions of the magazine making her the magazine's first ever global cover star. No doubt that this is a landmark achievement for Katy Perry but is it also a clever strategy to further cut costs by the magazine industry?

Legendary Pin-Up Photographer Bunny Yeager Dead At 85

Bunny Yeager the pin-up model turned pin-up photographer has sadly passed away today but leaves behind a legacy that has inspired countless photographers and helped shape an entire genre. Bunny Yeager was recognized for helping launch Bettie Page's career among her many accomplishments.

Your Emails Might Be Losing You Jobs

One of the biggest frustrations any new professional photographer has is obtaining clients. I’m going to assume that at this point you have sufficiently nailed down your technique, you’ve built up a decent portfolio, and you have a website that is easy to navigate and shows off your work. So why are you not getting replies from your prospective clients? Well the answer may have NOTHING to do with your photography.

Commemorate The 100 Year Anniversary Of WW1 With A 10 Part Photo Series

This year marks the 100 year anniversary of the beginning of World War 1, or as it was known at the time, the Great War. In commemoration of this landmark Alan Taylor over at The Atlantic has been releasing a 10 part series every Sunday through June 29th that offers an incredibly detailed photographic collection like none other that I have seen before. History buffs rejoice!

Mario Testino Takes Over MET 2014 As Event Photographer

Yesterday was the 2014 MET Gala which is one of the most important fashion events of the year. This $25,000 a plate charitable event draws some of the most prolific and legendary names in the fashion industry so it is not surprising to hear that fashion photographer Mario Testino would be present at the event. This year he was not just in attendance, however, he was also the event's photographer!

Tips For Planning Your Next Commercial Photoshoot

Commercial shoots are often complex creatures that take a lot of planning and prep work. You'll need the help of your peers to pull off many of the concepts your clients demand and you will need to keep your wits about you as you try to squeeze the entire process into the fast paced deadlines of the business world. I'd like to offer you all some tips and insight on how I like to tackle this process.

The Story Behind "Bliss" The Worlds Most Viewed Photograph

The iconic Windows XP wallpaper "Bliss" is widely considered to be the world's most viewed image. Though most of us are familiar with the beautiful image that has graced our computers at one point or another, not many are familiar with the story of how it came to be, and fewer yet that it is in fact a real image captured on film! Photographer Charles O'Rear shares with us the story behind how he created the image with nothing more than his Mamiya RZ67 and a roll of Fuji Film.

Pentax Releases First 645z Images

Pentax Japan has added a product page for the all new medium format 645z complete with snazzy marketing graphics and a full overview of all the specifications. What was all the more interesting to see however were the sample images they included. These are the first official images released by Pentax and they feature not only the 645z but also the much talked about all new 90mm f2.8 Macro lens.

How to Light Clothing Like a Product Photographer

A while ago I wrote an article summarizing some of the key tools which are required when shooting apparel for commercial clients. That article served it's purpose to demonstrate the vast number of supporting tools we use on a daily basis, but the magic really happens when we roll out the lights. Today I would like to show you some of the considerations you need to take when lighting clothing for your clients.

Marc Jacobs Ditches Model Agency In Favor Of Twitter For Fall 2014 Campaign

In the competitive world of social media experiments it seems companies are coming up with all sorts of tactics to build brand loyalty and interaction. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is no stranger to the social media game. Earlier this year Marc Jacobs launched a pop-up shop that would trade free gifts in exchange for your tweets, likes, follows, and instagram pictures. Now Marc Jacobs is back with a new proposition. Tag your picture with the handle #CastMeMarc and you could be the new face of Marc by Marc Jacobs.

IMGembed Out Of Beta! Control The Online Use Of Your Images

IMGembed is a new service designed to help photographers with attribution, tracking and monetizing the online usage of their images. Launched in beta at last years SXSW to an overwhelming response, today IMGembed is rolling out their official version 1.0! Could this be the future of ethical online image use?

The Best Marketing Strategy For Landing Your Dream Clients

Most marketing guides and strategies have us focusing on the direct approach to obtaining clients. We try and find short cuts and clever tactics to steal the attention from our competitors. Sometimes it is worth considering the long road as it is often less travelled and will ultimately lead you to the same destination. Tap into the power of the support system.

Interview With Nicolas Bruno The Sleepless Photographer

Our dreams are often wildly confusing with imagery many of us don't understand and memories which seem to fade the instant our eyes open. Photographer Nicolas Bruno suffers from a condition called sleep paralysis which keeps him in a halfway state between being asleep and being awake. Through his incredible and haunting images Nicolas Bruno recreates the experiences from his dreamscape. This week we interview him to get a better idea of the struggle and the process behind his art.

How One Photographer Made $15,000 In A Day On Instagram

Daniel Arnold may already be known to some of you. With over 30,000 followers on Instagram he has certainly built an audience for his work. He has even been called the best photographer on Instagram...after his account was shutdown when he uploaded a topless photo of sunbathers one fateful day. Arnold has since returned and it seems his plans for notoriety on Instagram may have hit a new high when it was reported he made $15,000 in a single day using the platform.