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Marc Jacobs Ditches Model Agency In Favor Of Twitter For Fall 2014 Campaign

Marc Jacobs Ditches Model Agency In Favor Of Twitter For Fall 2014 Campaign

In the competitive world of social media experiments it seems companies are coming up with all sorts of tactics to build brand loyalty and interaction. Fashion designer Marc Jacobs is no stranger to the social media game. Earlier this year Marc Jacobs launched a pop-up shop that would trade free gifts in exchange for your tweets, likes, follows, and instagram pictures. Now Marc Jacobs is back with a new proposition. Tag your picture with the handle #CastMeMarc and you could be the new face of Marc by Marc Jacobs.

You read that right. Marc Jacobs is abandoning the traditional route of casting models through an agency for his upcoming Fall 2014 ad campaign. Instead the designer has taken to Twitter in an effort to find a new face for his brand among the social media masses.


The rules are simple. Upload a photo to Twitter, tag it with #CastMeMarc, opt into the Terms and Conditions, and enter the contest. As expected the internet is buzzing about the new campaign and the Twitter sphere has exploded with submissions. We have all seen the meme:

Marc Jacobs Agency Casting

Well it appears this may soon be a legitimate claim. Time will tell whether this is a one time stunt or a casting process other designers will choose to emulate. One thing is certain Marc Jacobs is at the forefront of utilizing social media to its full potential for brand interaction. Certainly one to watch for the latest trends in fashion and now in social media as well.

Oh, and in case Marc should see this #CastMeMarc. Or better yet #LetMeShootItMarc.

[Via StyleCaster]

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Patryk Widejko's picture

Great idea, but good luck sorting through the thousands!

Daniel Aguilar's picture

let the unpaid intern have a wack at it. haha

Anonymous's picture

Step 1: Hold huge campaign on Twitter/IG to get the word out about your brand/products.
Step 2: Find agency models you want to use and have them enter contest.
Step 3: Gain great publicity and more followers, while still using the agency models you wanted.

/end skepticism

Peter House's picture

Hah. Clever outlook.

minie10's picture

Marc Jacobs is the manipulator of the century. He is obsessed with a Hungarian girl named Angel Barta. He's been stealing her ideas and stalking her for 5 years. Read the truth at: STYLEANGELIQUE BLOGSPot

Spy Black's picture

"Instead the designer has taken to Twitter in an effort to find a new face for his brand among the social media masses."

That's one way to avoid paying agency fees for professional models and professional model rates. Just throw a couple a bucks and some clothing to a naive young person, and you get to keep all the profits. It's kinda like working at Walmart for $8/hr.

Peter House's picture

Great point. Perhaps another example of the devaluation our industry is experiencing.

Spy Black's picture

He may very well start a campaign to find a photographer to shoot said models "for exposure", $50, and a hip pair of jeans...

OhBoy's picture

So? If that's all they need, I think it's great. American Apparel does the same thing.

Spy Black's picture

"...I think it's great"

...until YOU'RE the one that getting paid peanuts for all your hard work. Then it won't seem so great to you anymore, now will it?

Chase Anthony's picture

Let's be serious...models and hard work don't belong in the same sentence.

Not Amused's picture

Says the guy who I'm sure has never had to "slim down" from an already ridiculous measurement for the sake of a job. Pretty sure every successful girl/boy has had to work her or his ass off along the way... and if they haven't then they probably aren't successful

Spy Black's picture

You obviously know nothing about what models go through.

KO KO's picture

Wow, lots of jaded folks. It's clever, creative and the images might be more representative of the people on the street, not the ridiculously stunning 6 footers who don't eat and are one in a million. Good for him! I hope to one day draw this kind of criticism, then I'll know I have done something worthwhile with my time.

Daniel Aguilar's picture

calling models 6 footers who don't eat.. they're people too man. they make sacrifices to stay marketable in the industry. and yes sometimes that sacrifice is nutrition. but don't forget they're people just like you and i. you can be as optimistic as you want but in the money-making business that Marc Jacobs is in, not paying an agency is a huge plus.