A Company Tried to Use an AI Influencer and It Went as Well as You Expect

A Company Tried to Use an AI Influencer and It Went as Well as You Expect

In a recent development that intertwines the evolving landscapes of social media and artificial intelligence, Mahindra Racing's introduction and subsequent retraction of "Ava Beyond Reality," an AI-generated influencer, offers a glimpse into the complex dynamics at play in modern digital communication and marketing. The fake influencer was almost immediately discontinued after severe backlash.

The creation of "Ava Rose," a digital character designed to represent a female motorsports journalist, marked a foray by Mahindra Racing into the burgeoning realm of AI-driven social media content. However, the initiative was met with substantial criticism, leading to its prompt discontinuation. This scenario underscores the broader implications of using AI in social media and content creation, especially in sensitive areas like sports journalism, where authenticity and human connection are highly valued.

"Ava Rose," as the character was known, was labeled as a "Sustainable Tech Queen" and "Racing Rebel Robot." The profile, mainly composed of typical influencer-style posts with little relevance to Formula E or racing, was criticized for its superficial content and disconnect from the sport. However, it lacked the authenticity and engagement typically associated with human influencers, especially in a niche field like motorsports journalism. This gap quickly became apparent as fans and enthusiasts criticized the character for its superficial approach and lack of genuine connection to the sport, as well as the company's decision to create a fake female journalist instead of hiring a real one, particularly in a sport where women are often marginalized. 

The backlash led to Mahindra Racing discontinuing the "Ava Rose" program and served as a cautionary tale for other organizations considering similar approaches, shining a light on the ethical considerations of using AI in media. 

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"Ethical considerations.."

Guys, it's an instagram account, they didn't use child labor. Lets not overreact.

Last week was about Wacom, this week E-formula racing. Are those companies hiring the right people? I seems CEOs and upper managements are pushing AI with total ignorance to feel in or "relevant". Costly mistakes.