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The Story Behind "Bliss" The Worlds Most Viewed Photograph

The iconic Windows XP wallpaper "Bliss" is widely considered to be the world's most viewed image. Though most of us are familiar with the beautiful image that has graced our computers at one point or another, not many are familiar with the story of how it came to be, and fewer yet that it is in fact a real image captured on film! Photographer Charles O'Rear shares with us the story behind how he created the image with nothing more than his Mamiya RZ67 and a roll of Fuji Film.

[Via SFGate]

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Chris Blair's picture

This is the best story I never knew I needed to know!

Alvi Tellez's picture

Just beautiful!

Spy Black's picture

He takes it all very lightly. Imagine if he would've negotiated for a cut on every sale of XP...

MorZar's picture

we still dont know much much he got paid for it ;)