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Raw Has Arrived On Android!

You read that right. It was rumoured late last year that Google was playing around with the Android camera API to include raw capability, and then we reported that this feature was rolled out with the latest 5.0 Lollipop update on many Android devices, but now we finally have an app that lets us access this feature and use it to our hearts content.

New Image Format BPG Looks To Replace The Popular JPEG

There is a new image format called BPG (Better Portable Graphics) designed by the French programmer Fabrice Bellard and it promises to deliver better visual quality at half the file size of JPEG! Can BPG unseat the aging but popular JPEG format?

Stop Over-Thinking; Simply Getting Started Is The Key To Success

Remember that time you planned a business and it worked out perfectly? Neither do I. Starting a business, any business, is a daunting task. The reality however is that most of us overcomplicate the starting process and do some severe damage to our business before it ever takes off. Let’s put things into a bit of perspective.

NSFW: Warwick Men's Rowing Team Gets Naked To Fight Homophobia

There's a whole lot of eye candy in the 2015 Warwick Mens Rowing Team Annual Calendar, and while you indulge your guilty pleasures, you can feel good that the proceeds go towards fighting a good cause. Since 2009 the team has been releasing their nude calendar, and once they found out that the majority of their audience came from the LGBT community, they decided to shift the focus of their charity.

New App Turns Your Photos Into Charitable Donations

Johnson and Johnson has recently released a new app called "Donate A Photo" with a rather simple premise. For every photo you upload the company will donate a dollar towards a charity of your choice. Now you can turn all those selfies and pictures of your cat into donations that help make the world a better place.

Atomos Offers Hot Swapping With New Power Station

Atomos, known for their field recorders, has recently announced a new portable power solution. The Power Station, as it is called, has the ability to power up to 3 devices simultaneously and features hot swapping. The device is powered by Sony L-series batteries, but adapters for Canon LP-6 and Nikon EN-EL15 battieries will be available.

4 Ideas To Get Your Photography Business Out Of A Funk

We have all been there at one point or another. The thought of picking up a camera and having to take more pictures seems less than appealing. Shooting the same thing over and over, dealing with frustrating clients, or simply not getting the results you had hoped for. All these things can take a toll on your mental state and will eventually translate into feelings of disdain towards your passion. It might feel like you need a miracle to find your passion again, but here are four things which have worked for me, and maybe they can work for you as well!

Coco Rocha And Steven Sebring Create Interactive Book Of 1000 Poses

Supermodel Coco Rocha and photographer Steven Sebring have teamed up to release an interactive book, The Study Of Pose, chronicling over 1000 poses captured from 100 different angles in an experimental 360 degree rig. It is an ambitious project that has resulted in a massive, and certainly quite heavy, book with over 2000 pages.

New Yongnuo Triggers Coming Soon!

Over the years Yongnuo has built quite a reputation as an affordable and competitive product to the big names. Now nearly a year after their last trigger update, Yongnuo is announcing its latest version the RF605 trigger, which comes with some nice features that may pursuade you to upgrade if you are holding on to the old versions.

New Online Service Aims To Tackle Copyright Infringement

In the fight against online image theft there is a new player and they are coming into the arena with a bang! Pixsy is a new copyright infingement software that looks to help photographers around the globe tackle an issue that plagues the industry and for the most part goes unresolved. Fighting copyright infringement can be a long and costly ordeal and Pixsy hopes to be your one stop solution for fair compensation.

The Art Of Saying No And Keeping A Client Happy

Finding clients is a challenge all by itself so when we are fortunate enough to have some in our corner it is a natural reaction for us to go above and beyond the call of duty to keep them happy. While this is admirable from a customer service point of view it is not always feasible to say yes to every request. Here is how I have learned to overcome my fear of saying “no” to a client.

Apple Releases New Promo Video, Band Cries Plagiarism

A few days ago Apple released a new promo video titled "Perspective" which aims to send the message that Apple sees things differently. In an ironic twist, band OK Go is claiming that Apple has stolen the concept from their recent music video "The Writing's On The Wall".

You Can't Do It Alone So Drop The Ego And Collaborate

How many times have you heard the saying "if you want it done right you've got to do it yourself"? Well, that is not always the best mindset. This business we are in is all about collaboration, and the sooner you embrace what others have to offer, the sooner you will put out work that is competitive. Collaboration has many benefits that can take your work to the next level.

I’m A Quitter, And You Should Be Too!

Quitting gets a bad rap. There is a certain stigma attached to the quitter as if they have somehow failed. We offer them compassion instead of congratulations. We imagine they are haunted by countless "what if's" and regrets. We muse that perhaps there were circumstances beyond their control. What if I told you that quitting can be the ultimate form of regaining direction and control in your life?

Sue Bryce Explains How To Photograph Curvier Models

Posing models is a challenge all on its own but adding a curvier model to the mix requires some extra considerations. Not all of us have access to the tall and thin models that grace the covers of countless magazines and in recent years there is a strong push towards representing a more average body type through the use of plus sized models. Let Sue Bryce show you how she tackles posing curvier models in this fantastic hour long tutorial!

Behind The Scenes With Dave Hill For 2014 Vanity Fair Fiat Ad

Dave Hill and crew have put together a behind the scenes documentary video to showcase their latest collaboration with Fiat for a unique four concept ad in Vanity Fair. Watch as they break down the concepts and show you in detail the amount of work and production that went into each image!

50 Year Old Forgotten Photos Of Motherhood From Around The World

Photographer Ken Heyman recently uncovered a box he had tucked away for 50 years in a storage facility. This box was simply labeled "Mothers" and contained images he took 50 years ago as part of a Pulitzer nominated book entitled Family.

Engage Your Clients With A Clever Pricing Strategy

Most of us approach our pricing with some apprehension and anxiety. It is a topic of much discussion and debate among creative professionals, but with a little ingenuity, you can break away from boring pricing and use it in a way that will excite your client and build a brand identity!