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California Attorney Photoshops Herself With Celebrities In Effort To Fool Public

California Attorney Photoshops Herself With Celebrities In Effort To Fool Public

Svitlana Sangary, a California attorney, has recently been dubbed the "fake lawyer to the stars" after it was revealed that she photoshopped herself into an entire album of star studded images that were on her website for public display. 

One look at the images, seen here in full, shows just how many celebrities Sangary claimed to have been in close proximity to. Morgan Freeman, Donald Trump, Ellen DeGeneres, and even President Obama. So many infact that the California State Bar Court called it "false, deceptive, and intended to confuse, deceive and mislead the public."

Furthermore State Bar Court Judge Donald Miles described the attorneys defense as “a 16-page soliloquy with little or no rational connection to the charges at hand” where she goes on a tangent comparing herself to actress Natalie Portman and her performance in Black Swan:

Also with regard to false statements and misleading advertisement, none other than Natalie Portman comes to mind. The online media extensively covers the controversy surrounding Natalie Portman’s performance in the film Black Swan. The ballet dancer who performed in the Black Swan, Sarah Lane, has come forward to revel [sic] a “cover up” and says that Natalie Portman’s head was superimposed onto Sarah Lane’s body, and that Natalie Portman lied…Despite the foregoing, Natalie Portman has won an Oscar for her performance in Black Swan.

Svitlana Sangary currently faces a six month suspension and a two and a half year probation after she was found guilty of "false and deceptive" advertising. 

[via IBTimes]

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Richard Bell's picture

Its not even that's good a job in some photos. however some are convincing so I could see how a client could browse over them and be a bit star struck. There is a photo with what looks like a band, she has short hair but there is long brown hair on her shoulders. I had a chuckle.

Adrian J Nyaoi's picture

Someone should sue her for copyright infringement.

Spy Black's picture

Hilarious. When lawyers are doing it...

Anonymous's picture

All want to be near a celebrity.

scott corless's picture

What - a lying douchebag attorney ? I'm shocked

Jennifer Kelley's picture

LOL!!! I'm not good at picking out bad composites but some of these are really obvious.

Ralph Berrett's picture

What do you want on your tombstone?
How about, 'there's no excuse for a fool with Photoshop'?