Challenge: Can You See the Joins in These Celebrity Photoshopped Images?

Challenge: Can You See the Joins in These Celebrity Photoshopped Images?

If you haven't seen this guys work before and you're a fan of ridiculously convincing composites then you're in for a real treat!

For those of you who don't know, Kirby Jenner is the fraternal twin of celebrity Kendall Jenner. You can check out his verified Instagram account with over 500k followers and see photos of him with the likes of Kanye West and supermodel Cara Delevingne.

On the surface all seems to add up for this mustachio wearing celebrity but Kirby Jenner is actually a parody account and the brain child of a creative agency out in L.A.

What I love about this Instagram account is not only are the pictures and stories attached so hilarious, but the way Kirby is composited into the photographs really is first class and a lesson which we can all learn from.

I myself use compositing techniques in my work and it's really not easy to make everything look convincing. What makes my life slightly less challenging when it comes to this is that I shoot all the components myself so the lighting and angles match up. With team Kirby this is not the case and why their work is so impressive. Using existing images which they did not shoot they have to carefully decode the lighting and perspective of the originals and recreate that so everything matches up perfectly.

For the video guys who are thinking a moving image would be more stunning they even do that too!

For comedy value and excellent Photoshop skills Kirby Jenner is a must follow on Instagram. You also now have an answer when your little niece or nephew ask you who your favorite Jenner is...

Images used with permission of Kirby Jenner.

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Spy Black's picture

Not only are the comps great, but the captions, as you've noted, are the pièce de résistance. I did not know it was an team effort however, I thought it was one very talented compositor.

David Vaughn's picture

One of the videos has quite a lot of production value and also features actress Taryn Manning. I was quite impressed by the effort until I saw that lol

Paul Parker's picture

Yeah I know which one you mean. Comping video is another level!

Chelsey Rogers's picture

the captions are so hilarious, I spent way too long on this profile haha

Paul Parker's picture

The captions are equally as good as the photoshop! Well worth a follow on IG...

Vincent Morretino's picture

Mark Rosen is Kirby Jenner's real name. You can see him in this skate edit around 2:38, but you should watch the whole thing because it is pretty great in and of itself:

Paul Parker's picture

That last move was CRAZY!!!! Kirby is often seen skating on his page... :)