Madman Chris Pratt Opens a Photoshop Can of Worms

Madman Chris Pratt Opens a Photoshop Can of Worms

It is nothing new for celebrities to call on their fans to have a little fun with Photoshop. Our own Lee Morris challenged all of you a few months back with his many stages of beardedness. But when you are movie star Chris Pratt and you are known for your quirky, fast, often in-your-face style of humor, you should probably expect the internet to get a little weird with your request.

Last Friday Pratt asked his Facebook following to create a new header image for his page and to include some of his most favorite characters he has embodied over the years including Peter Quill, Owen, Andy and Emmet. Pratt went on to suggest "eagles, [A]merican flags, guns, cool Ford Raptors, cigars, explosions" and more should be included. All things American...naturally.


Hello friends and fans. I am in the market for a new header for my FB page. I want to do a contest. Whoever replies with...

Posted by Chris Pratt on Friday, July 31, 2015


As the internet does, the weird, funny and down right head turning images started to appear in the comments created by hundreds of users. Pratt himself, or someone managing his page, has started to even go through the images and like and comment on them.

The final image has yet to be chosen but the "winner" can look forward to momentary internet fame, accolades from the movie star and "maybe a free dinner at [A]pplebees or something like that..." Please pause while I try and contain myself.

So if you have the Photoshop skills and the free time, maybe try your hand at compositing a few Ford F150 Raptors into Jurassic Word with a few real raptors and Andy from Parks and Recreation before he got buff. Or just a lot of random lasers and stuff, that currently seems to be the trend. Take a look at some of the submissions below.

Facebook/Danial Javeed

Facebook/Richard Olthof

Facebook/Javier Chavarria

Facebook/Jessica Russell

Facebook/Remi Briere

Facebook/Fred Wierum

Facebook/Jonathan Wth

Facebook/Jake Bartok

[via Mashable, Facebook]

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There are some definite winners already.

Personal favorite is the last one with Lego. But I am a Lego fanboy so I'm bias.

I don't know... Dinosaurs with faces has got to be in the top running.

omg yes

hahaha love this!! i wonder if i could get the internet to go wold and make me a cover photo... lol

OMG this FB post was an absolutely fantastic use of my time. I will have to continue this entertainment during conference calls tomorrow if I can control my laughing.

I like Fred Wierum's the best.