Adobe Releases Roadmap for Development of Photoshop for iPad

Adobe Releases Roadmap for Development of Photoshop for iPad

Adobe recently released the long awaited version of Photoshop for iPad, but initial reviews were quite mixed, with many disappointed by the lack of features in the app. Adobe has responded to the criticisms by releasing a roadmap for the application, and it details the features we can expect to see in the app in the coming months.

The idea of the full version of Photoshop on iPad is intriguing for a lot of people, as models like the iPad Pro have great screens and lots of power to spare. As such, many are eagerly awaiting more features. 


Select Subject and Cloud Documents Improvements

2019 will bring Select Subject functionality that is powered by Adobe's Sensei AI machine learning technology, meant to create faster selections of complex subjects. Cloud documents will also see speed improvements to create quicker uploads and downloads.

First Half of 2020

Refine Edge, Brush Sensitivity, and Rotate Canvas

The Refine Edge brush will make its appearance in the app, helping photographers perfect selections of more challenging materials, such as hair. Brush sensitivity will also be an option, increasing the usefulness of the Apple Pencil, and photographers will also have the option to rotate the canvas.

Curves and Adjustment Layers

Perhaps one of the most sought-after features, Curves will come to the iPad app next year, bringing one of the most essential retouching adjustments for many photographers. Adobe also plans to increase the functionality of current adjustment layers, such as adding more features to the Levels adjustment. 

Lightroom Integration

Photographers will also be able to import and process raw images in Lightroom on the iPad and move them to the Photoshop app with no intermediate device. 

You can read more about Adobe's plans in their blog post.

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The link at the end of your article appears to go to DPReview rather than the original Adobe article


Dumpster fire. It’s so bad I’ve refused to continue working on the betas.

Proving once again they prefer the shotgun effect of just blasting crap out instead of perfecting individual products. I guess "Now faster and bug free" isn't a selling point.

"Tired of Fruit Ninja? Try Photoshop now with a new feature that will erase the retouching of any pic so you can laugh with your friends. Or maybe you don't have any friends and want an easier job of shopping them into your own pics? We got you. Adobe, the home of non stop half baked products and even worse ideas."

Adobe seem to be becoming masters of that age old technique called Turd Polishing...

Even at the end of this new roadmap, Photoshop for iPad is barely even a BETA application, and more like an ALPHA, that was an insult to release to paying customers.