Adobe Releases Update to Lightroom CC for iOS

Adobe Releases Update to Lightroom CC for iOS

Adobe released an update to Lightroom CC for iOS. In addition to adding camera and lens support for the new Apple iPhone XS, XS Max and iPhone XR, Lightroom CC for iOS version 4.0.2 includes support for Apple’s new iPad Pro and second generation Pencil.

Notably, Lightroom CC for iOS now supports gestures using the new Apple Pencil. This comes in the way of double-tapping the stem of the Pencil near the tip to invoke a change. If you’re a photographer who owns the new iPad Pro and Pencil and uses Lightroom CC, you will now be able to toggle between drawing and erasing when using selective masking tools like the Adjustment Brush.

I love being able to switch between drawing and erasing with a double tap of my Pencil

Apple and Adobe touted these gestures at last month’s iPad Pro event, when they announced that a more robust version of Photoshop is being built for the iPad Pro and will ship sometime in 2019. By tapping on the Pencil, a user will be able to switch between drawing and erasing without having to tap on anything else. Developers will also be able to customize the functionality of the Pencil gesture with their own apps.

Image by Alex Cooke

Additionally, Adobe is hosting a fun contest in collaboration with Sony Pictures Animation. Ahead of the December 14 release of the film "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse," Adobe invites photographers to tap into their Spidey senses to transform a photo of their city into the Spider-Verse using Lightroom CC and other tools for the chance to win prizes like a Creative Cloud subscription or a MacBook Pro laptop. Full details can be found here.

Adobe Lightroom CC for iOS can be downloaded from the iOS App Store.

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Yeah cause the most important thing is for me to mess around with pics on my phone. Congrats now stop creating bloatware and go back to making products run better and faster. Almost 2019 and the features aren't light years away from where they were years ago and yet still slow on the most powerful computers.

For what it's worth, Lightroom CC (not Classic) runs like a beast on my iMac and I've got about 7 TB / 247,000 photos stored there. Also, I'd disagree that Adobe hasn't been innovating. Did you see their updates at Adobe MAX? Some seriously cool tech in the pipeline.

I saw it and then I updated everything and Premiere can hardly play a video straight through without stuttering. Wasn't that way in the last version. Lightroom is always slower every other release. Just jamming new code in with that old code when they should look at rebuilding. Innovating doesn't do much if they can't implement anything without bugging up the existing software. Not paying $50 a month to be their beta tester.