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How to Edit Photos in Lightroom

Knowing how to approach and execute post-processing correctly can substantially enhance your final images. This fantastic video guide will show you how to get it done in Lightroom.

You Must Know This Awesome Dodge and Burn Technique

There are many ways to perform dodge and burn in Photoshop. But have you ever tried to introduce color into the process? Matt Shannon shows you how in this great tutorial video.

Dramatic Cloud Edits in Lightroom

Editing dramatic weather images can be challenging but rewarding. This helpful video guide focuses on using Lightroom to enhance such photos.

How to Enhance Your Photos With Simple Edits

Editing photos to add life, depth, and dimension takes them from good to great, but it's important to learn how to enhance images while keeping them natural and appealing. This helpful video tutorial will show you how to do that in Lightroom.

Common Mistakes in Dodging and Burning

Dodging and burning is an editing technique that allows you to selectively adjust the brightness and darkness in specific areas of an image. This technique can add depth and dimension but can also lead to several common mistakes. This fantastic video tutorial will show you three common mistakes and how to fix them.

How to Create a Moody Landscape Image With Lightroom

Transforming a bright summer photo into a moody look can dramatically change its impact. This helpful video tutorial will guide you through some techniques in Lightroom that can help you create that look.

How to Use Lightroom's Survey View for Efficient Photo Selection

Lightroom Classic’s survey view is an underused tool that can really speed up your photo selection process. By allowing you to compare multiple images side by side, survey view can help you quickly identify your best shots and streamline your workflow. Here’s how you can use it in your workflow.

Enhancing Sunrise Colors in Lightroom: A Step-by-Step Guide

Editing sunrise photos can be tricky, but it’s crucial to bring out those beautiful colors and dynamic range. This helpful video guide will walk you through how to use Lightroom to enhance your raw files, focusing on creating a balanced and vibrant image.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Infrared Emulation Using Lightroom

Adding infrared emulation to your landscape images can create a unique and striking effect. This tutorial demonstrates how to transform a regular landscape photo into one that mimics the ethereal qualities of infrared photography using only Lightroom Classic.

How to Remove Distractions With Lightroom’s New Generative AI Tool

Lightroom has always been a powerful tool, but it’s had its limitations. One major challenge has been removing distractions from photos without switching to Photoshop. Adobe's recent update introduces a game-changing feature: the generative AI erase tool. This tool simplifies the process, allowing you to handle more within Lightroom itself.

Solving Common Wedding Photo Editing Issues in Lightroom

On a wedding day, you will face a variety of challenges that are beyond your control. From lighting issues to rushed timelines, these difficulties can create editing nightmares. This helpful video will show you how to fix five common issues in Lightroom.

How to Create Your Own Photo Presets in Lightroom

The increasing popularity of film presets has sparked a surge in the availability of preset packs and software designed to emulate specific looks, such as color palettes or film stocks. These presets are appealing for their ability to quickly transform the appearance of your photos, but there's an argument to be made for creating your own. Developing your own presets allows for a more personalized and accurate reflection of the visual style you admire.

Adobe Brings Firefly Generative AI Technology to Lightroom

Today, Adobe brings its popular Firefly Generative AI technology to Lightroom in the form of Generative Remove and Lens Blur. These features will be available in all Lightroom incarnations, including the mobile app, desktop app, and web browser versions.

The Hidden 'Mask Anything' Tool in Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom has continued to become more powerful over the years. If it has been a while since you have used Lightroom, you might be surprised at how far it has come. Masking is an area where the software has greatly improved, including a tool that could have been called the Mask Anything tool.

Streamline Your Workflow With Lightroom Masking Presets

Creating custom presets in Lightroom Classic can significantly streamline your editing workflow, especially for repetitive tasks like enhancing eye details in portraits. This helpful video tutorial will show you how to create your own.

Dehancer Will Get You Into Film Emulation With a Clever Plug-in

If you're tired of struggling to get the "right" look on your still images, Dehancer is coming to the rescue with a solid plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Affinity Photo, and Capture One. It's available for Mac and Windows.

Creating a Dreamy Orton Glow in Lightroom

The Orton glow effect gives landscape photos a soft, ethereal quality that draws viewers in. This helpful video tutorial will show you how to create it in Lightroom.

Don't Lose All Your Photos! My Complete Guide to Photography Backup

I’ve worked with more and more photographers over the years, and a commonality between many of them is that they only have their photos in one place, which will inevitably lead to tragedy. If this is you, or you struggle with catalog management, or you have a bunch of unorganized drives, then this guide is for you.

If you've ever lost your data before, you know how absolutely devastating it can be when you have no plan in place for redundancy. It amazes me how often I hear many photographers, even professionals that earn their income from shooting, do not have their...

Creative White Balance for Landscape Photography 

White balance is a fundamental image property that can dramatically affect the mood and overall look of a shot. While achieving a technically neutral white balance is important for accurate color representation, many photographers also use white balance creatively to enhance the artistic impact of their images.

Lightroom Techniques for Impactful Photography 

Isolating your subject is a key technique that can dramatically improve your images. It helps draw the viewer's eye to the most important part of the picture, creating a more engaging and impactful photograph. Whether you're shooting portraits, landscapes, or product photography, mastering this technique can elevate your work.

5 Lightroom Secrets for Better Photo Edits

There are some hidden tools and techniques in Lightroom that can transform your images. This helpful video tutorial explores five essential Lightroom tips from a seasoned pro.

Nik Collection 7 Released: Faster and Newer, But Loses A Bit Along the Way

The Nik Collection, a set of seven photo editing tools, has just received a version number update. Version 7 brings with it primarily speed and workflow improvements, but is that enough to justify a whole new upgrade? In this review, I’ll discuss the new features, improvements, and even a surprise missing feature of this venerable editing suite.

Essential Lightroom Masking Techniques for Landscape Photographers

Lightroom masking tools offer quite a lot of control and precision when editing photos. This helpful video tutorial offers 15 masking tips and tricks specifically tailored for landscape photographers, with techniques that refine skies, add ethereal fog, create custom vignetting, and dodge and burn, all while maintaining a natural aesthetic.

5 Lightroom Mistakes to Avoid

Editing is just as important as capturing the image, but there are many places where things can go wrong. This awesome video tutorial discusses five common mistakes people make in Lightroom and how to fix them.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Color Correction in Lightroom

We often encounter challenging lighting situations that can affect the color and overall look of our images. Whether it's dealing with harsh sunlight, mixed lighting, or simply wanting to enhance the colors in a scene, understanding color correction techniques is essential. This helpful video tutorial will show you how to tackle the issue in Lightroom.

A Guide to Lightroom Cloud Settings

As photographers, we understand the importance of efficient and effective photo editing workflows. Adobe Lightroom Cloud offers a powerful platform for managing and editing images, but navigating its features can sometimes feel overwhelming, which is why this helpful video is worth a watch.

Don't Overlook This Powerful Color Grading Secret in Lightroom

Mastering post-processing techniques is just as crucial as understanding camera settings and composition. While tools like exposure and contrast adjustments are commonly used, Lightroom offers a hidden gem that can elevate your color grading to a whole new level. This often-overlooked feature holds immense potential for refining colors and creating stunning visual effects.

From Underexposed to Extraordinary: Saving a Photo in Lightroom

Capturing the perfect shot often involves meticulous planning, patience, and a bit of luck. Landscape photographers, especially those who chase specific celestial events or fleeting light conditions, understand this challenge all too well. Even with the best preparation, unforeseen circumstances like weather or equipment limitations can threaten to derail an entire shoot.

Lightroom Classic: Essential Tips for Efficient Editing

Lightroom Classic offers a robust platform for photographers to manage and edit their images. However, navigating its extensive features and optimizing your workflow can be challenging. This helpful video tutorial offers a range of tips that will make your life easier.

How to Transform Your Landscape Images in Lightroom

Capturing the perfect landscape shot often requires a lot of careful and intentional work. A truly impactful image involves understanding how to manipulate perspective and draw the viewer's eye to the most compelling elements of the scene. This is where post-processing tools can help.

Essential Tips for Lightroom Classic

Lightroom is an indispensable tool for photographers of all skill levels, offering a comprehensive suite of features to enhance and manage your images. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, optimizing your workflow and understanding the nuances of the software can significantly elevate your editing process.

5 Essential Lightroom Editing Tips

Lightroom offers a lot powerful editing tools, and you can often finish a photo without ever touching Photoshop. This helpful video tutorial will show you five tips to ensure you are getting the most out of Lightroom.

Mastering Photo Organization in Lightroom

Efficient photo management is pivotal for maintaining an orderly digital workspace, as it helps you streamline your editing process and enhance productivity. Mastering organizational tools in Lightroom is crucial for this.

How to Achieve Vibrant, Three-Dimensional Images With These Easy Steps in Lightroom

Transforming the tedious task of color grading from a Photoshop layer-heavy process to a streamlined Lightroom slider manipulation is a real game-changer. This simplification not only speeds up the workflow but also offers precision and creativity, making it a significant advancement for you if you're looking to elevate the quality of your images with less hassle.

Fine-Tuning Your Images with Texture, Clarity, and Contrast in Lightroom

Understanding the nuanced interplay between contrast, texture, and clarity is pivotal for properly enhancing image details and directing viewer attention. Each tool manipulates image contrast in distinct ways. This helpful video tutorial will walk you through the differences.

How to Use AI Denoise in Lightroom

Lightroom has some impressively powerful denoising tools, and they can help you rescue images that might not work otherwise. This helpful video tutorial will show you how to use them for landscape images.

Peakto Search: A Lightroom Plugin Which Instantly Finds Any Photo or Video You Have

Here's something that should excite Adobe Lightroom users. It's a plug-in that will index your online or offline photo or video assets and bring them up in Lightroom instantly. It's a Mac app from CYME, the company that has a similar app called Peakto that's currently offered for Mac users. The difference is that Peakto searches those assets and they can be opened in any editor, including Lightroom, Capture One, DxO, Luminar, and others. Peakto Search is aimed at Lightroom users and appears as a menu bar item on your Mac.

5 Lesser-Known Lightroom Desktop Features

Navigating through Lightroom’s myriad of features and tools can be a daunting task for photographers. This fantastic video shows five hidden functionalities within the software that can significantly enhance one’s editing workflow and improve the overall photographic output.

How to Revive Underexposed Photos with Lightroom

Unlocking the potential of underexposed images is a crucial skill for photographers, enabling them to salvage photos that might otherwise be considered lost causes. This helpful video tutorial will show you how to do just that using Lightroom.

You Must Know These Lightroom Techniques

With all the different AI tools that get introduced into the various photo editing apps, it's easy to forget about the fundamentals. To become an efficient photo editor, you must also know the basic settings and techniques. Michael Shainbloom gives ten Lightroom tips that help you achieve that.

The Walmart Photo Challenge

Today I bring you a hilarious photoshoot challenge called The Walmart Photo Shoot. Pye Jirsa and I battle head to head to see who can take the best looking images all while using $100 worth of clothing bought from Walmart. To make it even harder, none of the images can be Photoshopped either!

Adobe Unboxed With Julieanne Kost

Whether you've seen her speaking on stages for Adobe, or lining magazine articles such as Fast Company’s “100 Most Creative People in Business” you surely have come across the legend and creative photographer that is Julieanne Kost.