Iran's Latest Photoshop Fail

Iran's Latest Photoshop Fail

Iran recently released information and a photo regarding a new stealth fighter jet that left the US foreign policy makers nervous and concerned for the impending future. The problem with this news? It’s a pretty obvious Photoshop composite, and a pretty terrible one at that.

Released earlier this week by an Iranian news agency, was an image of what appeared to be as what Iranian president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad called "among the most advanced fighter jets in the world.” However, it took virtually no time whatsoever for people on the internet to completely debunk this image.

Shown above, is an image image of a fighter jet that appears to be the exact same image from which the news organization posted flying over a large snow covered mountain range. A simple look at the lighting and pretty obviously poor Photoshop of the cockpit shows that it is in fact the same image.

Aviation experts then notices the lack of rivets and bolts found on the aircraft, and suggested whether it was even able to fly to begin with. Spoiler alert, it can’t. That's because the image they used to create this composite was in fact of a scaled model, of a similar spy place currently going through the concept stages.

That snow covered mountain, turns out to be nothing but an image of a mountain found on the stock image site

Untitled-2 copy Image Copyright Sergey Dolya

This isn't the first time that Iran has been caught with poor Photoshops showing their advanced technology. Just last month Iran claimed to have sent a monkey into space, which was quickly debunked by the power of the internet. And in 2008, a now infamous image of a missile launch containing multiple Photoshopped missiles.

If Iran is going to continue to spread lies, perhaps its time for them to hire some real Photoshop experts.

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Well, definitely a photoshop expert will cost way less than a jet 

I wet my bed with diarrhea!


Funniest part about this article?... this comment

Where can i send my CV?¡ jajaja the real problem is that not all the people of the world have the trained eye that we have, and a lot of people just see this kind of news very fast considering the hundreds of images and articles they see every day on the internet, so a lot of people buy it.

The news source site for those photoshopped images that you guys cropped out stated that they were "Graphic Design". طرح' in Persian which means 'design'(photoshopped pic)

Thanks for the info.

I didn't crop out any tags though...thats how I found the image.

When I went to the link, and let Google translate (which could be an issue) the Persian was translated to Photo by and provided a name.....

LOL @ this article writer.

wish the writer had done some research before posting at as fstopper makes lot of sense to me and this article don't.

BOLO - Be on the lookout for media reports designed to negatively portray Iran.

Israel appears to want the US to fight yet another war in the Middle East, so that means Americans can probably expect to be bombarded with these type of "Iran is bad" news stories. The same type of propaganda took place before the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Obviously, whether Iran has or doesn't have a stealth aircraft matters nothing to the security of the Continental US. The only country that could possibly be concerned about it is Israel.

This article isn't meant to have any political undertone, its more commentary on the poor Photoshop. I'd post the exact same post if it was Canada, USA, or any other country.

That's cool man, I didn't mean to accuse you of anything and I'm sorry if it came off that way. Basically, I'm just warning folks in general to BOLO for war propaganda. I have nothing against you at all, Zach

In Canada all we have is geese. And Canada Goose parkas to keep puppies warm in the Antartcic

but the article has a deep political connotation...  

Dude, what are you talking about? I'm from Iran and this post made me LOL. Not everything has to be politicized. It's not about the jet or whether it really flies or not, it's about the bad composite image of the jet which looks fake. Chillax

If anything this would hurt their cause by showing them as clueless and less of a threat.  That said, I have no doubt that Israel will do everything they can to keep Iran from getting the bomb.  I personally think its horrible for them to get one not because I think they will use it but because the entire region will want one then.

Keep in mind, in the 40's there were government officials trying to push for dropping an A bomb on the Russia to prevent them from getting nukes.  People were lighting their hair on fire saying Russia would drop the A bomb on Germany or even the U.S.  I don't think many countries want to ensure their own destruction by using a nuclear weapon...especially with our military power as a threat.

surprised no body photo bomed themselves in the cockpit 


You mean the meonkey never went into outer space? It must be true because i read about it on the internet. Nobody ever lies on the interet.

It would have been funnier if they photoshopped in Osama Bin Laden as the pilot... lol

I think you guys missed the Osama Bin Laden's dead picture brought up by US government which was also very badly photoshoped.

can you do a one light post. isn't that what you're known for?

Wrong Zach (Zack)...

The monkey did go into outer space! How do I know??? ...I was that monkey!
I've seen hundreds of Photoshop jobs coming out of a certain country that are way, way, way worse than this. What a dreadful, misleading article. I guess propaganda still sell though.

America, you never fail to crack me up! :/

p.s. this statement isn't political, its purely about the photoshop! :S

Does not look like a news site, more on design (source of the image):

They (Iran) need to send some folks to Photoshop World and schedule some training classes.

 شما ها که به ایران گیر می دید
احیانا عمه یا خاله ندارین ؟

اصلا اونا هیچی خواهر و مادر ندارین ؟

اصلا اونا هم هیچی کار و زندگی ندارین ؟

این عکس اصلا یک عکس نمادین و تائید نشده می باشد

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   شما ها که به ایران گیر می دید
احیانا عمه یا خاله ندارین ؟

اصلا اونا هیچی خواهر و مادر ندارین ؟

اصلا اونا هم هیچی کار و زندگی ندارین ؟

این عکس اصلا یک عکس نمادین و تائید نشده می باشد

توانستیم این جنگ ده را با تحریمات  بسازیم

پس به صراحت کامل می گوییم

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