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New App Turns Your Photos Into Charitable Donations

Johnson and Johnson has recently released a new app called "Donate A Photo" with a rather simple premise. For every photo you upload the company will donate a dollar towards a charity of your choice. Now you can turn all those selfies and pictures of your cat into donations that help make the world a better place.

You read that right. Johnson and Johnson will donate a dollar for every image you upload through their app. The only catch is that you can upload one image per day, but with over 300,000 images uploaded at the time of writing, this doesn't look to be stopping anyone. Nor should it.

donate a photo help

For those of you worried about how your images will be used by Johnson and Johnson, they explicitely state in their terms that the images will only be added to the Donate A Photo gallery, and may be used to promote the app but will never be used in any commercial application beyond that scope or to promote any product the company sells.

I'm personally quite excited about this new app. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the business side of photography that we forget the altruistic potential of our work. Every now and then we see these amazing projects created by photographers to bring awareness to a cause and we wish we could do the same. Now Johnson and Johnson has facilitated a way for every picture, no matter how personal or trivial, to have an equal impact on the world. It's a lot of goodwill to have in your back pocket.

[via SLRLounge]

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