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Coco Rocha And Steven Sebring Create Interactive Book Of 1000 Poses

Supermodel Coco Rocha and photographer Steven Sebring have teamed up to release an interactive book, The Study Of Pose, chronicling over 1000 poses captured from 100 different angles in an experimental 360 degree rig. It is an ambitious project that has resulted in a massive, and certainly quite heavy, book with over 2000 pages.

The book will be accompanied by an app which will allow readers to study and view each pose in a 360 degree environment. This is quite an exciting feature which will give readers detailed insight into each pose like never before. The fact that each pose is completed by supermodel Coco Rocha, often dubbed the "Queen Of Pose", is just the icing on the cake. I think this will prove to be a wonderful resource for models and photographers alike, and would make a wonderful addition to any coffee table, as long as it can support the weight.

The Study Of Pose will be released on October 28th 2014, and is currently listed on Amazon for just $40.65, which I believe is quite a bargain for such a fine book.

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Golgo Thirteen's picture

Getting this

Nick Viton's picture

I've shot Coco Rocha

Raymond Casey's picture

Hi Peter,
Your book sounds great and I have just ordered it from Amazon in Germany.
It will be a great addition to my studio book collection.
Will the app also be available for Android?

Thang LV's picture

Why are you asking Peter this?

Raymond Casey's picture

Sorry but I saw that Peter wrote this article.
Anyway does anybody know if the mentioned app will be available for Android?

Nick Viton's picture

I met Coco Rocha last night and she gave me a complimentary advance copy of the book.

Ian Chang's picture

I've received my book in the mail and it's great! But how do I get access to the app? I've checked the app store and I cannot find it...

Ed van der Veer's picture

Bought the book through Amazon. Can't wait to find this in the mail! :)

Jerome Pannetier's picture

Hello ,
I received my book, too.
Nevertheless, when will the application be available and where ?