New Yongnuo Triggers Coming Soon!

New Yongnuo Triggers Coming Soon!

Over the years Yongnuo has built quite a reputation as an affordable and competitive product to the big names. Now nearly a year after their last trigger update, Yongnuo is announcing its latest version the RF605 trigger, which comes with some nice features that may pursuade you to upgrade if you are holding on to the old versions.

I myself still have and use the original 602 triggers on nearly every project and they have yet to fail me, except the handful of times I forgot the batteries, but I'm willing to take the blame for that. The fact that I am still using these same triggers several times a week for the past 5 years is a testament to their durability. A point which is often of concern to those considering Yongnuo products.

These new 605 triggers look like quite a worthy upgrade and pack some very nice features:


  • RF-602/RF-603 two communication modes RF605 = RF602 +RF603
  • TX/RX/TRX multiple working ways
  • A/B/C/D/E/F 6 groups (compatible with YN560-TX)
  • Wireless shutter remote control
  • Clear LCD screen display, shortcut key operation
  • 16 channels
  • Communication range up to 100M


  • Type: FSK 2.4GHz wireless remote control system
  • Transmission distance: 100m
  • Channels:16 channels
  • Group:6 Groups
  • Shutter release: half-press, full-press
  • Shutter interface: 2.5mm socket
  • Studio flash light interface: standard PC socket
  • Max Sync Speed: 1/320 second
  • Battery: AAA×2(3V )
  • Size : 85MM x 41MM x 35MM


These new RF605 triggers will allow for grouping via a single button that allows you to easily turn on and off your 6 groups. They also now come with an LCD display for easy viewing of your groups and channels.

Of note is that these new triggers will be backwards compatible with previous versions.

No word yet on pricing or availability though I imagine they should start flooding ebay as they always have within a few weeks.


via [Light Rumours]

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I have a set of YN-603s that have been rock solid through and through. Never one issue with those. The one reason I decided to upgrade though was the need for remote power control as well as the grouping. Yongnuo has a TTL based set that that you can adjust remotely that I'm sure is great, however, I opted for the Cactus V6 and RF60 set.

I really don't use TTL unless the flash is actually on my camera as a fill or Orbis ring-light. Everything else off camera is manual but I can't tell you how much it slows down shooting to keep adjusting power on every strobe by walking over which is part of the reason I love the Cactus. Beyond that, they are brand agnostic meaning I can mix one of my existing SB700s and an RF60(or another flash) and adjust their power as if they are the same type of flash. Another convenience is that the RF60 has the trigger built into the flash...saves time, batteries, space, and cash.

I don't mean to come off like a Cactus commercial because I love Yongnuo stuff as well but the point is that there is so much great flash gear to choose from these days that is reasonably priced yet reliable. tANYONE can start learning off-camera flash without a huge investment(SB910s and PocketWizards). Don't buy that new don't need it. Get some flash gear and really add to your photos.

I have the YN-622N i-TTL trigger and while they do work, they are not the user friendly. If they would have incorporated the interface design of this trigger it would be a whole different story. I would check out the Cactus stuff, but like you I just don't use TTL enough to justify it. I got my 622n's for free. If I had known how much of a pain it was to change settings on the fly I would not pay money for them.

I always go to Flashhavoc and they've got some really great reviews on all this kind of stuff there. They really dive into the features so you can see if something is really worthwhile before you buy it.

Take a look at the YN-622N-TX; it's a commander module for the 622 triggers that has an LCD and similar controls to these new ones. It's much simpler to use and lets you control the connected lights in both TTL and manual modes.

what do you find complex about the 622Ns?
1 button controls groups, one button controls channels, hold the group button to change from ttl to manual control. If you want ttl from the flash, also have it in ttl. When you add in the TX, all you have to do for the flash is have it in TTL for manual, ttl, or HSS from the commander. I do wish the TX commander had a shoe on it. The SuperSync for monolights is the most powerful tool in photography for $50 IMO.

This looks nice. I'm a Nikon shooter and have both a YN-560-II, and a YN-560-III. Also as a result of this article and googling around I discovered I'd missed the availability of the YN-560-TX which allows remote control of the YN-560-III for power and zoom. I just ordered one of those puppies!

As for the RF-605 it looks like the incentives for upgrading from my RF-603s is two-fold
1) the ability to put the YN560-II (or any other flash) in a group
2) The fact that they finally moved the on-off switch to the side so you don't have to dismount the flash to turn the trigger on and off.

I found a website which claims to have the RF-605C in stock for $39.99, but not the RF-605N. I'm not sure whether or not the RF-605C would work for me or not, if it's only used as a receiver, the differences between Canon and Nikon Yongnuo accessories seem to have to do with the pinouts of the camera hot-shoe. Comments on this?

Too bad this thing is not compatible with yn560 III speedlights - cant turn off group. It always fires everything :(