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Fitness Blogger Photoshops Her Body In Video To Appease Hateful Comments

Fitness blogger Cassey Ho has released a rather wonderful short video where she Photoshops her body in real time to appease all the hateful body shaming comments she receives on her blog, Blogilates. It is a powerful look into how we as a society perpetuate this impossible beauty standard and the impact that software such as Photoshop has on what we perceive to be beautiful in todays day and age.

As photographers we are all too familiar with using Photoshop to "clean" things up. For many of us it is part of the process to crafting an image that matches our vision. What we present to the world is not always an accurate representation and some would argue that this perpetuates unobtainable and unrealistic beauty standards.


One look at Cassey Ho's fitness blog and social media accounts is enough to realize this is a woman at the peak of physical ability. She has incredible strength and conditioning, eats well, and appears to lead a life that is extremely health conscious. Even with all this, astonishingly, she attracts comments and attitudes that profess she is not "good enough". These comments all hint at the fact that she should be leaner, skinnier, or should just plain quit her career.


In response to all these comments, Cassey has decided to put together a video where she Photoshops herself in real time based on the comments she receives. She also posted the above image on her social media, which is photoshopped, to see what kind of responses she would get from giving the masses what they want to see. What we are left with is a powerful message that rings true for our industry and gives us a bit of a reality check as to what we deem beautiful.

[via Smosh]

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lijo joy's picture

great video, well done, i like to know was after effects used, for the photoshop , related actions for the video, i would like to create something similar to this

Neo Racer's picture

Looks like something quite a bit more advanced than AE

Sam Zid's picture

i think you could warp and puppet warp them after rotoing each body part in AE

Neo Racer's picture

Really ok cool! AE never fails to surprise

Andrew Yianne's picture

Amazing video with a powerful message

Phillip Gullett's picture

She shot herself on a white BG, which makes the work much easier. I think I'm seeing some puppet and mesh warp. Lots of people stampede for the liquify tool (because of the fun name, I suspect), but it doesn't allow the control of mesh warp.

Martin Testo's picture

Awesome video, fine editing, is it really AE?

Attitude is the main thing , you can't proceed with the wrong one. We should love our body, eat clean, think clean, do sports!

Thanks Cassey Ho

Lomew Bartho's picture

Well that's really outstanding video and also a creative concept.Thanks for sharing..