Getty Makes a Massive Entrance Into Virtual Reality Space

Getty Makes a Massive Entrance Into Virtual Reality Space

Getty is the largest stock image provider in the world and it has now decided to become a major player in the 360-degree image and virtual reality space. This week Getty launched Getty Images Virtual Reality Group as part of their core offerings. With an initial addition of over 12,000 360-degree images, Getty is embracing the future of this fast growing sector.

Getty has already covered several events using virtual reality technology, which started with the 2012 London Olympics, but have also featured Oscar coverage as well as other sporting events. Getty has access to 130,000 events around the world and all their photographers who cover these events will possess 360-degree cameras. This will allow them to generate an unparalleled amount of virtual reality content in both still and video format. Getty is also including in its offerings the Gigapixel images it shoots at certain events.

With companies like Getty jumping on board, virtual reality is clearly here to stay. Are you doing anything to be a part of this movement?

[via DIYPhotography]

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I think we should wait to see how the company will make money from these VR contents that are made just from news events.....

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