VSCO Offers Free Studio Space in New York City

VSCO Offers Free Studio Space in New York City

Renting studio spaces can get pretty pricey, especially in big cities like New York. VSCO is now offering free studio time in their New York location for all artists. If you are in the area, and have a project that requires a studio, this could be an awesome opportunity to take advantage of. The studio includes a permanent cyc wall and even some basic lighting to get you going.

Of course, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, right? Sort of. There is a small catch. Studio rental times are limited to two hours and you have to fill out an application. That time limit is going to render the offer useless for bigger projects that require a full studio day. But if you have a quick set that needs shooting, this could still be a wonderful way to save a bit of money on collaborative projects and tests.

Booking the studio requires a $250 deposit which is refundable when you show up. The deposit is there to prevent no-shows; a smart move considering the space is free.

One other problem: The studio has had such an overwhelming response that they are already fully booked for the fall season. But keep your eyes peeled because the winter season will inevitably open up and you could snatch a spot for yourself.

On a side note, brilliant marketing effort by VSCO. Something to ponder for your own marketing: What can you give away for free to increase brand awareness in your business?

[via DIYPhotography]

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Peter House is a commercial fashion photographer from Toronto, Canada. He shoots over 10,000 pieces of clothing every year for a variety of lookbooks. Clients range from small local boutiques to international brands such as Target, Winners, and Sears. In addition to that Peter runs one of the most popular rental studio's in the Toronto area.

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This can't possibly last long. Sounds awesome tho.

That's very cool of them!!

We're currently looking for a large space to rent for our commercial work on a daily basis. Unfortunately, their site doesn't seem to have any information on this.

In NYC? Hit up my friend @Craig.NYC (IG) he's building a studio right now

the space looks great!

booked completely for the fall 2016 season; smh

You snooze, you lose I guess