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Quentin Decaillet
Sion, CH
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Portait, Commercial & Wedding photographer/retoucher based in Switzerland, I started my journey into photography during the year of 2012. Since then photography has grown into my full-time job and I love it more every day!

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Your work is stunning. Keep it up!

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Hi Quentin, I'm using a Nikon D810 and just purchased the ELB 400 with the Pro Head. Does "SPEED" mode have no effect for Nikon? I'm not really seeing any difference with that mode on or off. Would love to talk further if you wouldn't mind. Maybe I can message you on Facebook, Skype, etc.? Thanks so much :)

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Hi Felipe, I answered to your private message. Hope that helps ;)

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hi Quentin, I saw your article on not needing a studio and I have a question I'm desperately trying to find the answer for. you mentioning using AirBNB for locations for photo shoots. how do you go about getting permission for that? like the day you get there? I know a lot of photographers use hotel rooms for shoots. is this no different? the sort of thing where most people will never be able to tell where it's shot so you can skip asking permission?

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Hi Chris! :) When shooting in hotel rooms I always ask the hotel's permission beforehand. For apartments rented on AirBnB I don't ask. However, if the place's owner left pictures, papers, or anything personal that could allow for people to find either the address or his name through my pictures, I'll put it away.
Note that I've never shot a commercial project in such places. If that was the case, I'd ask and sign a contract. I don't want them to contact me later on and ask for any sort of fee or licence.

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I see, that makes sense. so for a general modeling session though, if it's just for fun or for my modeling portfolio and that's about it, I may not have to ask permission? just wanting to clarify. thanks again!

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I'd say it's always better to ask, just to be sure. But personally, as long as it is no a (huge) commercial shoot, but rather simply for my portfolio or for the model's book, I just shoot ;)

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You are done a amazing work man.