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Céline Morel

I recently decided to give Nikons cameras a try. I had the chance to be loaned a D4s and D810 for a couple of days along with a few lenses. After a few portrait sessions and a wedding, I had to admit it, there a few advantages that made my life much easier and my retouching faster. Amongst those:
- better flash sync (in Hi-Sync especially),
- better exposure latitude and DR,
- colors seems more natural, less magenta-ish,
- better lenses (the one I use the most at least),
- less expensive gear for my needs,
- spot metering linked to the af point.

It took me about 3 days to give those a try and make up my mind. Then two days later, all of my Canon gear was sold and my new D810 on its way.

This is a portrait I shot during my first session with my D810 and I really love how it came out: colors, contrast, everything sooc with Nikons seems a bit closer to what I used to do in post. Definitely not looking back! In fact, it pushes me more and more towards MF to get even better lenses, more natural colors, greater DR, and more resolution.

Model: Céline Morel - http://www.morelceline.com
Lighting: Natural light (open shade, no reflector)

Nikon D810
58mm · f/1.4
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Welcome to the Nikon side! :)

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Absolutely a nice shot!
The 58/1.4 from Nikon isn't a lens I'd place in the "better" category though, but in de "quite shit and overpriced" catergory. ;)

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I like the 58mm much more than the 50 1.2 from Canon :P That was an awful lens… but I guess to each their own ;) Had the sigma art been slightly lighter and/or weather sealed, I'd have probably bought it instead.