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Ebb and Flow 1/3

I met Jennifer when I was looking for someone for my Elinchrom Skyport HS review. I'm one to believe that everything happens for a reason.
Jennifer is a ballet dancer, was a Miss Switzerland 2016 contestant, and is also someone who never does anything within the limits of reason. And I'm not saying that latest in a mean way, quite the opposite as I happen to do the same.
When I asked her if she wanted to work on another project she said yes right away. We found the perfect place to create a new series of images. Problem was, mid-January, Switzerland is quite cold and posing with a light outfit can be somewhat an issue… Especially when the location is in the middle of the woods, right next to waterfalls… even more so when the last scene (this one), happens to be posing on the wet rocks at the end of the day to create a night-like mood.
But Jennifer even offered to remove her shoes and said she didn't need anything to seat on!
All of that to say that personal projects are all about working with people that believe in your work, in you, and people that you can rely on. I'm 100% sure Jennifer will be in front of my lens again in the near future :)

- Elinchrom ELB 400 with Indirect Deep Octa (no diffusion) 59" on camera left
- Elinchrom ELB 400 with standard reflector top of the frame to create specular highlights on the water and to mimic the moonlight.

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This is an amazing photo... well done!