I always love having to review things for Fstoppers. It's a great excuse to organize new sessions and shoot some personal projects or just shoot portraits for fun.

This time I was reviewing the new Elinchrom Skyport HS and wanted to give it a try in studio. I wanted to see how the Hi-Sync mode would work with my BRX. Trying the 250Ws and 500Ws, different shutter speeds or changing power right from the screen. Everything worked great! And the pictures turned out to be great as well :)

Model: Lesley @ Fotogen Modelmanagement AG

Canon-1D X
85mm · f/2.0 · 1/640s · ISO 50
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Love this soft light! The model and the black & white is great too! :D

Thanks Manuel :) I actually preferred the color version but didn't have time to color correct it for my article due tomorrow…

Lovely soft light and pose. Eye contact is great too. What modifier were you using ?

Thank you Andy :) I used a single Elinchrom 69"/175cm Octa.

Did you use the skyport in Hi-Sync mode or stick to normal shutter speeds ? Interested to see what power loss There is with the Hi-sync mode .

Hi-Sync mode, otherwise I couldn't get a sync speed of 1/640th and could not shoot at f/2.0 with my BRX. The power loss due to Hi-Sync is not huge, nowhere near the power loss encountered with HSS on a Profoto B1 or B2.
However, you get a very slight gradation across the whole image. See how the left of the image is darker than the center? And then, because I was maxing out the sync I could get out of the BRX in Hi-Sync mode, the right part starts to show some strong gradation as well.
The gradations on both sides can easily be fixed in post though if wanted.

Just read the article, good review thanks - it looks promising :)