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Hey, it seems some of you are following me because of this list.
So let's play a little game! Want you ?

So, Why make those picture so great ? (away from the models being so so so sexy)
First one to get it gain my respect!!! :D

It is not about sexy models. The sexiest of women can become an ordinary model in an ordinary picture and the most ordinary woman can become sexy in a spectacular image, always depending on the photographer.
Light, framing, a beautiful woman, a nice location...all are important elements in the above list. However, there is nothing more powerful than the connection of these models with the camera. The connection with their photographer. When viewing these images (or most of them at least), you do not just see a beautiful or sexy woman. You see a private moment, a human connection, a deeper sexiness. You live that moment between the photographer and the model.
The majority of the above images are not very much set up or directed. They are personal moments. It is so amazing that people allow a "stranger" to capture all these personal and intimate sides of them. As a model photographer (even being amateur), I know the honor.
On the other side, some people like these pictures because they are sexy. Without being in a position to define what is sexy about them. And this for me is perfectly fine, as this is the purpose of an image. To please the eye and talk to your soul, even if it is about "sexy".

Wow, ok, I bow to you!

Could've express it in a better way. That exactly the reason I choose those picture : intimate moment, the fact that the photographer took the time to build a relationship with his model, to care about his model, to be patient, but still have the guts to require a deeper surrender to capture something true, and not just a pose.

In most of those picture we can feel a full a day of emotions, and there a big chance that it took this much, or even more if you count all the year models and photographer have to go through, to be able to connect, to truly let go in front of others.

Once you fill this secure that you learned how to be yourself, that when you can really give the best of you! :)
And then something happen, that show in most of those picture : the look is real, eyes carry emotions, feelings, stories, their is an entire universe on each of those pieces...

Anyway thank you very much for participating Alex, and especially with such a meaningful answer !

You described what most photographers are unable to express in words. Well done- I agree.

Top models

Great explanation and I agree; it's the connection with the model. However, that has been known for a very long time. Also, that "connection" can be had easily - when one uses a professional model. That "look" or "feeling" is what professional models are paid to express. It's why they're professionals. Now, try it with a model who is not a professional - not so easy eh? This relationship you say takes years to build with your model, well, a good model can give you that look in the very first few frames you shoot. Your shots work, in my opinion, for two simple reasons: 1: You're a great photographer who has mastered your craft: the camera, lighting, scene, and processing. However you also select very good models, and most look to either be professional, or should be professional. That's half the battle. A good model will make or break shots like yours. Unfortunately most amateur photographers can't afford the types of models that can pull off the look you achieve. For most of us we are stuck with who we have, and unfortunately the model's craft is not something that can be shown to an amateur model during a shoot. If we connect with the look you get, we are very lucky. You do great work, and your models are exceptional. Thanks for posting!

Very well said @Mike Patrick. I worked once with a pro model and she almost made me blush. The second the lens was pointed at her direction she flirted with it. Her expressions were so intimate it was as if she new the camera for years.

It's not about building relationship with the model, sorry, it's nonsense. If the model does not know how to connect with the camera (not the photographer!), the photos will be much less than what you expect.

You cannot "build relationship" in five minutes. The same way you can not build relationship with a bride or any paying clients.

And that is the danger those portfolios present, most (if not all) of the portfolios on the web were achieved with models, not paying clients.

1. Emotion, relationship between the photographer and the model (+others on the sideline)
2. Light, the direction and quality of it (wrong kind of light could ruin the most beautiful shot)