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Big. Windows. Win. This was shot in an old building where the floor had holes and the windows were covered. Removed some unattractive plastic from this window and bingo.

Nikon 750
50mm · f/2.8 · 1/200 · ISO 320
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great image!

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Thanks Rafael!

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Very nice!

David Jaan's picture

Thanks Timothy!

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. . love this .

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Thank you, Joseph!

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Ok don't get mad... but that pipe goes directly into her butt... I can't see anything but that pipe now and it's driving me nuts. Buff that out and you've got a winner. xoxo

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Appreciate the hugs and kisses at the end, so cute! I contemplated on that pipe for a while, but it stayed because I'm very much a person who shoots it as it is unless it's a totally obscene intrusion. So butt pipes stay haha

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I never noticed the dang pipe until he pointed it out. Stellar image. GOT to love that LWL. [large window light] :)

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Super image.

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A truly stunning image. So much mood and atmosphere. Well deserve POTD.

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Very good work Shawna and David. Your choice of lighting is awesome. Did you augment Natural Light with strobe/flash?

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Thanks Jamal! No, the light was purely provided by the window (as is with all of my images). No additional lighting modifiers or sources were used.

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Beautiful Image

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This image caught my eye right away from the group of POTD. Gorgeous natural lighting, pretty model and a nice pose. So different from others I have seen. Kudos to you and the lovely model. As to the pipe mentioned by others, I kinda agree it could be removed for less visual distraction. But as you said, it is what it is. Respect your decision to leave it in.
Cheers from Montréal.

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Thanks for the kind words, Frederic.

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This shot is absolutely fantastic!!

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Thanks Rex!

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Light and shadow on the model makes this most intriguing.

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i love it!

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It's a creative photo shoot style .

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Great pose and nice light! Congrats.

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So many great things about this shot, but I'm particularly impressed with the use of light and the deftly handled post processing. Skin actually looks real and not photoshopped into plastic. Superb

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Thanks David! The skin comment is much appreciated. I like to keep things looking as natural as possible.

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You're welcome! Can you share any natural skin tips? :)

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wow great image, i love the tones and skintones!

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This a wonderful shot. The light is soft, the shadows are great.. The model, body position and pose works great. Thank you for sharing this image.

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i really like the iso...