Adaptalux: Portable Mini Studio System for the Macro Shooters

If you're into macro photography, Adaptalux could be your new best friend. The new Kickstarter project is aimed to solve a lot of the lighting issues macro photographers face and offer new ways to light objects in creative ways. The Adaptalux is a small device with five ports and five adjustable LED lighting arms with different color outputs. The device can be mounted on the camera itself for on-the-go outdoors shooting, or can be placed off-camera in more controlled environments.

The makers of the Adaptalux offer additional add-on accessories such as diffusers, light backdrops, a light stage, and color filters to make it easier to create unique macro images.

Starting price for the product is about $150 which includes one control pod and two lighting arms. In order to get more arms and the additional accessories you will have to pay as much as $450. Check out the videos below to learn more about the device and the accessories.

Adaptalux Control Pod

Adaptalux Lighting Arms

Adaptalux Backdrop Setter

Adaptalux Diffusers and Color Filters

Adaptalux Stage

Adaptalux Stabilizer

[via LensVid]

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great find, this is one of those products where it makes you think, can this be upsized for portraits, and then, ughhh why didnt i think of this lol...

Yes indeed - this looks just excellent.

Looks good!
But they should of made different colour gels that you could attach to the end of the lighting arms..
That would negate the need to buy multiple arms if you wanted a different color, same for the diffusers!

The diffusers do come in different colors, so you could just buy the white arm and change the color.

1. So very cool. I want one
2. But I'll never get one
3. Too expensive

That's pretty cool, if you can afford the expense, or can write it off. Otherwise a $1 LED flashlight, a gooseneck arm and some gaffers tape will do the trick. ;-) I took this shot of the edge of a quarter with said $1 LED flashlight...