Meet MIOPS, a Smartphone Controlled High-Speed Photography Trigger

Created for the creative, MIOPS is a promising new accessory used to easily trigger your camera or flash unit for high-speed photography scenarios. The MIOPS team have launched a Kickstarter to acquire funding for their new high-tech device in which they declare is “not the first trigger in the market, but it is going to be the best.”

From the inventors of the NeroTrigger, MIOPS seeks to combine the team’s previous experience in trigger products with the latest technology to create the perfect high-speed photography camera trigger. MIOPS is a standalone device which contains three built-in sensors for light, sound, and laser. These sensors detect external events within milliseconds and trigger the camera or flash accordingly. Usage examples that are shown in the promotional Kickstarter video include photographing a bottle being broken with the swing of a hammer (sound sensor), lightning strikes (light sensor), and a marble shooting through the air (laser sensor). Other standard capabilities included on the trigger are an HDR auto-bracketing and time-lapse mode.

Additionally, MIOPS offers an external port ready to connect to a wide range of non-camera devices or different sensors already on the market, such as humidity or pressure sensors. The team claims that this opens up the device to be used for other imaginative purposes unrelated to high-speed photography, for instance detecting a lightning strike to trigger an alarm.

With the Basic version of MIOPS, the device works as described above and is controlled through the built-in color LCD screen. On top of that, more capabilities are unleashed with the Bluetooth-enabled Ultimate version. Bluetooth allows the MIOPS to work with their dedicated smartphone application so you can set up everything as well as trigger your camera from a distance wirelessly. The smartphone application also includes triggering modes not available on the device’s LCD screen, such as cable release and timed release functions. 

The MIOPS is expected to ship to pledgers in December 2014, and costs $189 for the Basic model or $199 for the Ultimate bluetooth-enabled model. Check out the MIOPS Kickstarter page to read more about this device and make a pledge to acquire your own.

Update: The MIOPS Kickstarter has now posted a video demo showing off in greater detail how the app works with the device, in this case using the sound sensor. 

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Timuçin HIZAL's picture

Love that!
Elinize sağlık beyler.

Nick Fisher's picture

Wish it ran on batteries. Would hate to have the battery run dry when I need it. Then I'd have to wait to charge it.. Popping in new batteries would easily fix this. I'm guessing there is no chance there will be a option for a battery operated model.. I'm not going to use the Bluetooth feature, as I don't see the need, so I'm probably going to go with the older model for now. For all the features that I need, this upgrade doesn't help me. As for the rechargeable battery, what happens when the rechargeable battery dies? What kind of battery is it? How fast will it die if I don't charge it every few months(common on gear you don't use that often) . Can you change it out? Can it be replaced with a regular battery, or do you have to special order it? Having AA batteries would be best, so you wouldn't have to worry about ending up on set with a dead battery that you have to wait on to charge. Especially when the battery gets old and won't hold It's charge anymore..

John Sammonds's picture

Looks like a Trigger Trap rip off

Andy Shrestha's picture

how is this different than triggertrap?

Mike Powell's picture

yeah.... I want one.