Macro Photographer Tests the Venus KX-800 Twin Flash, Gets Brilliant Results

Venus recently released the KX-800 Twin Flash for macro photography which updates their previous KR-800 model. The new KX-800 model features stronger articulating arms that promise to hold their position better than before. In this review, macro photographer Thomas Shahan examines the Venus Twin Flash and goes over how to get the best results in real-world application.

The two flashes on the KX-800 can be independently adjusted in both position and output, and offer eight levels of power which is programmed on the back of the device. The Twin Flash’s flexible arms are 48 centimeters long, and a third arm sports a power-adjustable LED modeling light for focus assistance. Shahan mentions that the modeling LED can actually become overly bright and show up in the final image at full power, and it really works just fine at the lowest power setting for focusing purposes.

Venus KX-800 Macro Twin Flash

Past the overview of the Venus KX-800 unit, Shahan also demonstrates how properly diffusing your Twin Power flash can really step up the lighting quality in your macro shots. Using a sheet of tracing paper and a clear portfolio sleeve, Shahan creates a DIY diffuser for the KX-800 that softens both the shadows and specular catchlights. Below are some of his shots taken with the Venus Twin Flash:

© Thomas Shahan

© Thomas Shahan

© Thomas Shahan

© Thomas Shahan

© Thomas Shahan

Shahan gives his approval to the Twin Flash unit thanks to its durability, fast recycling time, sturdy arms, and firing consistency. You can order the Venus KX-800 Twin Flash for $279 through their online store, or pre-order the unit from B&H Photo Video.

All images used with permission.

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Ditto. Pulled me right in.

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I know what I want for the holidays.. great video.. thanks for sharing!

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This guy has such a nice way of reviewing a product... very easy to listen to :)

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Getting my money dang it.

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I bought one of theses flashes. It worked great for 3 months then died mid way through a shoot. It never worked again. The build quality is very light and cheap plastic feeling. Fantastic idea but or quality and way way over priced for 3 months of quite light use. I would not rush out and but one if i were you given my experience with them