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Shayne Thomas
Erlangen, DE
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Born in South Africa and at the age of 6, I moved to the beautiful island of Mauritius where I spent the next 15 years, literally living in paradise. Being constantly surrounded by water, it was easy to see how I became so attached to water. I became a Diving Instructor, where I started taking underwater photos and found my passion for photography. I brought that to land and now I am a full time professional photographer with an earning to get back in the water (Im landlocked now :( ).

I love creating new things, new ideas and new concepts and Im always open to conversations, critiques and where i can, give advice.

Throughout my international journey (from Mauritius to Zanzibar, then to Finland, and now Germany), Ive constantly grown as an individual through my photography and its been the one source that no matter how tough the days get, I just push on through and believe in something good.

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Nice photos, can't wait to see more :)