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Dunrobin Castle

July 26, 2014

A composited image of Dunrobin Castle in the Scottish Highlands. I had the real honor of shooting the wedding of the Lord's daughter the other weekend. A shoot i will never forget.

This image originally had a grey/rainy sky and its my first real attempt and sky replacement. Any feedback, C&C and support is welcomed with open arms.

P.S I am aware of the fact that the light source doesnt match the shadows and for that, I apologise.

45mm · f/11.0 · 1/40s · ISO 100
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I wouldn't worry too much about the light source matching the shadow(s). I've seen many composites from highly regarded photographers where there's mismatched light all over the place....doesn't seem to take a away from the wow factor of the image(s).

Nice work!!

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Thanks Jason! I really appreciate your feedback. I was just a bit sceptical about posting it because I can tend to be a perfectionist when i really care about something... Im glad you like it and hopefully others will over look the strange 2 Sun scenario I have here haha... :)

Britta Boykins's picture

This is great regardless of the 2 sun scenario!!!

Paul Stonehouse's picture

This is stunning work....well done!

Hans Lussenburg's picture

Don't worry about the lighting. Who's to say that all the lights from a soccer field next door (albeit imaginary) weren't trained on the castle and its gardens. A wonderul photo with great colours.

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Thank you Hans :) Thats really cool of you to say! :)