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Making White Light with RGB Gels

Based in Zurich, Maya and Daniele used three separate lights to create white light. It’s not an easy thing to do, and this is a great example.

How I Mixed Strobes and LED Lights in This Fashion Photo Shoot

In today's Fstoppers video, I set out to create some conceptual fashion images with Puerto Rican model Krystal Xamairy. Using the brand new Tamron 35mm f/1.4 lens, a few strobe lights, and a couple colored LED panels, I will walk you step by step through the entire process.

This Videographer Used LEDs in Times Square, and the Results Are Stunning

Shooting out on location in a busy environment like New York City can be extremely difficult. When dealing with police, public safety, traffic, and pedestrians, it can often be near impossible to create the look you want without sacrificing your lighting. The way videographer David Geffin tackled these issues in his latest project, "Let's Dance," is pretty brilliant.

The World's First Wearable Cinematic Light

Spiffy Gear has made a name for itself by creating unique lighting products such as Spekular and the Light Blaster. They are now adding a third exciting solution to their range of products with Lumee.

How to Create an LED Panel out of an Old TV Monitor

As photographers and videographers, let's be honest, we never have enough light equipment. But it can quickly become quite expensive! Thanks to DIY Perks, if you own an old TV that you don't use anymore, you won't have to break your bank account to add a new LED panel to your kit.

This Is My Favorite Portable LED Light For Video

Are you in need of a powerful, versatile, and compact RGB LED light that won't break the bank? I was and this might now be my favorite hot light for shooting on location.

Hotlights Versus Strobes: Why Choose One Over the Other?

When it comes to building out your kit, there is the eternal quandary. Constant lights or strobes? What are the advantages of each? What are the disadvantages of each? What are you giving up going with one over the other? This video from The Creative Contrast gives us a small look into why you may want to choose one over the other.

The Largest LED Light We've Tested: Great, but Not for Everyone

We've been fans of the Fiilex P360EX for years now. It's dimmable, color shiftable, and it accepts Profoto accessories. The only problem? It's not that bright. Fiilex had an answer to my power problems in the form of the Q8 Travel.

Beauty YouTuber Uses Over $10,000 Worth of Equipment to Shoot Makeup Videos

Recently, one of the most significant beauty and makeup YouTubers released a video showing what kind of setup she’s using to shoot, and it’s absolute madness. If you thought people on YouTube were still shooting with webcams and the iPhone flashlight, you are in for a real surprise.

This Flexible LED Panel Is Actually Affordable

Our video lighting of choice has become the Flex lights by Westcott. They are portable and extremely bright, but they certainly aren't cheap. Now, there is a cheaper option, but should you buy it?

Light & Motion and Elinchrom Start a New Collaboration

The Swiss flash manufacturer, Elinchrom, and the innovative video light maker, Light & Motion, announced today that they are joining forces to bring new game-changing products to the market. The news comes in right after Elinchrom made the Skyport Protocol open to other brands. Thus, it’s no surprise that the new partnership is unveiled along with two new wirelessly controllable video lights.

The Venture TTL 600 Strobe Competes With the Profoto B1 at Half the Cost

For anyone who appreciates the use of flash, there comes a point in photography work when you want more power than a standard speedlite can offer. Many strobe options provide more power, but require you to be tied up to power outlets. Few strobes offer a simple portable lighting option. Many would contend the Profoto B1 is currently the best self contained portable strobe on the market. That may be changing with Impact's newly released strobe, the Venture TTL 600.

$500 for an Ice Light got you Down? How About a $62 Light Wand From Yongnuo?

The Westcott Ice Light has been around for awhile, and a number of photographers in the community on our site have shown it to be a part of their kits. Whether they're being used to light cars for an automotive shoot, or for food or small product photography, one thing that's been noted more than a few times is the steep price.

The New iPhone Fashion Shoot: Bikinis, Foam Core, and Flashlights

Five years ago I filmed the iPhone Fashion Shoot, a 10-minute video in which I take professional looking images with the iPhone 3GS. That video was supposed to inspire photographers who assumed that their work was suffering because their gear wasn't ultra expensive. The video became extremely popular and became very polarizing. The majority of people thought my images looked good because I used fancy lights.

Do Different Strobe/Modifier Brands Create Distinct "Qualities Of Light?" I Don't Think So

I remember meeting Peter Hurley for the first time. I walked into his studio and saw him shooting a client's headshot with 4 Kino Flo hot lights (normally used for video). I asked him why and he said "The quality of light is just better than strobe. It fills the pores on a human face differently." At the time I was intrigued, but I no longer believe it.

An Easy, Quick, and Consistent Way to Light Your Ring and Detail Shots

When you're shooting a wedding, every minute is valuable. There is often a compromise between the amount of time you spend on a shot and the level of quality you can achieve from that shot. That's partly what makes Fstoppers member Paul Keppel's ring shots so great. They take him almost no time to shoot and they look fantastic.

Ryan Brenizer Talks Lighting Tips For Wedding Photographers

Ryan Brenizer is famous for his shallow depth of field panoramas known as the Brenizer method. In addition to this, he has photographed presidents, singers, athletes, and has more than 350 weddings under his belt. He was named one of the "10 most sought-after wedding photographers in the world” by Rangefinder Magazine, so when he talks, you should listen. In this video, Brenizer goes through five lighting tips that can help you throughout the day of shooting a wedding.

Adaptalux: Portable Mini Studio System for the Macro Shooters

If you're into macro photography, Adaptalux could be your new best friend. The new Kickstarter project is aimed to solve a lot of the lighting issues macro photographers face and offer new ways to light objects in creative ways. The Adaptalux is a small device with five ports and five adjustable LED lighting arms with different color outputs. The device can be mounted on the camera itself for on-the-go outdoors shooting, or can be placed off-camera in more controlled environments.

The Growth Of Video (And What It Means For Your Photography Business)

Video is booming. Facebook is apparently in talks with several partners for it’s “Anthology” project – higher quality video produced by dedicated market-leading media companies. Adobe found unique visitors to video sites grew 146% in June 2014 year to date, and advertisers shelled out 28.5% more on video ads than they did in the same period. But what does this all mean to those in the photography business and (more importantly) how can you take advantage of it?

Lume Cube - World's First 1,500 Lumen External Flash for iPhone/GoPro

Shooting for the majority of my career with nothing more than an iPhone and various mobile devices, it's a struggle to find that same look and feel of high-end flash photography without going to my DSLR and speedlights. Enter a new addition to the world of mobile photography with Lume Cube. A powerful compact flash alternative that reaches 1,500 lumen and can fire up to five at once with one touch of a mobile app.

Inverse Square Law of Light Explained In a Simple Visual Way

Inverse Square Law of Light is something we all hear and know about, but don't always know how it really affects our photography. We always hear the math and the science behind it, but there is nothing like seeing it in a visual way to fully understand it. For people like me who find it hard to deal with math equations, those 2 great videos by photographer Karl Taylor will show you the important basics about the law you should know.

Cinematographer Eric Kress Crafts Light For A Scene In This Video Workshop

Eric Kress, an accomplished cinematographer whose credits include "The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo," (2009) recently led a lighting class at Gokinema, an annual film workshop in Sweden. This video is the first in a series that captured Eric's demonstrations. Grab a coffee, sit back, and watch as he masterfully crafts a cinematic look for a mock scene.

The Looky Loo: A New Way To Make Kids Look At Your Camera

If you are a photographer specializing in kids and baby photography, or if you're just using your talents to shoot your own kids and family members, this product may interest you. Young kids have a very short attention span, and it's not always easy to get them to look directly to your camera. The 'Looky Loo' is a new product trying to solve this issue in a very simple way.

Trying To Catch A Fighter Jet With 24,000 Watts Of Light

Stock Photographer Yuri Arcurs definitely went big with this experimental photoshoot, to see if it would be possible to shoot a fast moving fighter jet, and actually light it up with flashes. This behind the scenes video shows us how difficult it was to pull off, but that the end result justifies the elaborate and at times frustrating work.

A Cheap LitePanels Alternative? A Review Of The Zabolight LED Light Kit

An LED light kit for video is something I've always wanted to own. After years of using hot ARRI and Lowel lights, and renting LitePanels when the budget allowed, I discovered a company called Zabolight that was making LED panels and other fixtures at a much cheaper price. I purchased a kit of these, and did some testing to see how they compared to other more expensive brands.

Behind the Scenes: Light Painting and Morphing with Red Bull

Max Riché, a commercial photographer based out of Paris recently shot a huge project for the Red Bull Media House using the same concept as his "Becoming and Athlete in One Photo" series. Shooting trail-biker Petr Kraus against a black backdrop and using light painting techniques, some strobes and then later bringing all of the images into Photoshop he created these awesome fluid-movement series of photos.

Do You Know How to Use Flags?

I'm one of those photographers that likes to take control, especially of my light. I use grids, snoots, barndoors, and every other contraption you can think of to maintain the maximum amount of control over my lighting. One of the most important light modifiers for my work isn't a soft box or a beauty dish, it's actually a piece of fabric on a metal frame called, a flag.

Studio Lighting for Cars

A few weeks ago, I flew to Los Angeles to shoot a commercial project for Mitsubishi. They had a custom Outlander built by RIDES Magazine and were in need of press shots. Studio shooting can be among the most challenging of all types of photography, but with a little patience and some care, its really not that difficult. Here's how we did it.

Shooting With Mixed Studio Lighting

When we talk about on-location mixed lighting we usually mean shooting with light sources of different nature, such as natural ambient light and artificial, or shooting with lights of different color temperatures (tungsten, fluorescent, flash, etc.).

There are dozens of cool effects that one can achieve when mixing ambient light with controlled lighting, but today I would like to talk about mixing lights in studio - impulse (i.e. strobe or flash) and continuous. I love this technique and hope my article inspires you to try it out too.

FS Review: How Lowel's GL-1 Hotlight Has Become An Integral Part Of My Lighting Kit

As an architectural and interiors photographer, I own more lights than I even want to think about. Pelican cases full - hot lights, speedlights, monolights, color balanced bulbs, and modifiers to go along with all of them. Lowel recently released the very polarizing GL-1 Hotlight to much controversy: people mocked it or loved it. And truth be told,

Behind the Scenes of Canon's 'Rhythm of Life'

Canon has recently come out with their short film, "Rhythm of Life' showcasing their new line of cine lenses. Shot with the Canon C500 director, Dean Hargrove and cinematographer, Steven Poster ASC, explain how the different cine lenses affect the footage and change the color and feel of your shots. The BTS video was shot with the Canon C300.

Testing Diffusion Materials with Jay P Morgan

Have you ever wondered how different diffusing fabrics affect the quality of light that you shoot with? Jay P. Morgan from the Slanted Lens walks you through the different diffusion materials by Rosco. He explains how the different fabrics can lessen the stops of light and how it can affect your color temperatures and look of your shoot.

Creating Creative Portraits By Dragging The Shutter And Adding Movement

As photographers, we usually use two different techniques to capture our images: The first is freezing the moment and capturing the split second we are witnessing. The other option is using a long exposure, to show movement, changes, or show things we don't normally see with our eyes. But what if you combined these two concepts - freezing a moment while adding movement? Check out these creative and unique portraits using this technique.

Watch How Light Shapes a Face - Sparkles and Wine Teaser by Nacho Guzman's

A good photographer or videographer depends on good lighting to create a shot. Lighting creates the mood of any scene and sets the stage for the story you're trying to tell. In an unusual but entrancing method, Nacho Guzman creates a dramatic scene and shows how quickly light can change the mood and expression on a woman's face. Although the woman in the video only moves her face subtly over time, the rotating light around her causes striking mood shifts in the image.

How To Mix Light To Create A Fiery Effect

Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz best known for his amazing milk dress series is back with another amazing lighting tutorial. In this video he explains how to create some pretty nifty looking light streaks to create a fiery effect in your photographs. Using both a modeling lamp and normal flash from some Paul C. Buff Einsteins he shows how you can drag your shutter to create the effect.

Fstoppers Exclusive: How Marek Glaser Made the Insane BMW M5 Bullet Commercial

What does it take to turn a blue BMW M5 into a bullet? A little of this, and a little of that, but mostly it takes a team of talented individuals with a dream and the know-how. With a limitless imagination, impeccable understanding of light and meticulous attention to detail, photographer/director Marek Glaser and Big Block digital productions took the imaginary and made it reality.

Surrealistic Light Painting Video Animation

It's all about light painting today. German collective group, Lichtfaktor took what we normally see in photographic form and made a dreamlike video animation for the brand dENiZEN™. Taking only five nights to film, this crew spent many hours planning and rehearsing the story line and, incredibly, no post production was needed once they were done filming.

Ben Willmore Teaches Light Painting Tips For Photographers

As photographers, we are always sculpting our images with light. But if you've seen any of the light painting posts here on Fstoppers, then you know just how complex the art of light painting can get. Photographer Ben Willmore has been using small constant lights in his images for years, and now he's offering a free online workshop for anyone wanting to learn the craft. On Saturday, August 25th, Ben will be giving away all his tips and tricks for free on creativeLIVE.

How To Use Both Continuous And Strobe Lighting Simultaneously to Create Compelling Images

Jay P Morgan has been getting a lot of press recently for both his creative imagery and his informative behind-the-scenes videos, and for good reason: they're chock-full of great information and Jay shows everything from his lighting setups to post-processing tricks. In this BTS, Jay gives us a look at how he balances constant lights with strobe lights, something that

Ahead of His Time: Pablo Picasso Light Painting

We all know Pablo Picasso for his very distinct artwork and as one of the great masters. He is credited with creating the style of cubism and is considered one of the greatest artists of the last century, if not all time. I am personally a huge fan of Picasso, but mostly his Blue Period. What many of you may not know is that Picasso wasn't just a master of painting, he was also a gifted photographer. In this series, Picasso plays with light painting and shows us that what today we think is pretty cool, he had already toyed with over sixty years ago.

Why TTL is Joe McNally's Default Flash System Over Radio

Here is a 13 minute video of Joe McNally testing out the range and application of the built-in and SB-900 flashes. If your knee jerk reaction to TTL is that it's too limited and too problematic watching this demonstration by Joe may just have you giving TTL transmission use a second look.

Preview ESPN's Body Issue 2012

If you're a sports fan, or even if you just like toned and tan bodies, you're going to want to pick up the next issue of ESPN (hits newsstands Friday). It's filled with some pretty sexy images of the United States' favorite athletes in nothing but their birthday suits.

Shooting Architecture on Location With Mike Butler in Bogota, Colombia

We've featured architectural photographer Mike Butler before, when he shot the Intercontinental Hotel in Miami, FL. This time, Mike heads to Bogota, Colombia, to shoot the Virgilio Barco Library using a slew of hot lights and assistants. If you've ever wondered why it takes 8 hours to create a single architectural image, this BTS will show you exactly why.