Video Provides Detailed Breakdown of The Cinematography of Wonder Woman

Cinematographer Matt Workman of Cinematography Database has prepared another in depth breakdown. This time he brings into focus the current box office queen, "Wonder Woman" featuring Gal Gadot and Chris Pine.

So, in the interest of full disclosure, I should probably say right up front that I don't generally like superhero movies. Like, pretty much ever.

I can think of exactly five that didn't leave me wanting those hours of my life back by the time the end credits rolled. Five may seem like a lot. But if you consider the dozens per year that seem to have been released over the last decade, it's a pretty low batting percentage. In fact, when I went to see "Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2" recently, of the requisite eight preshow trailers I sat through, at least six of them were for even more superhero movies to come in the next month. The only one that wasn't a superhero movie? Yet another sequel. Which sequel? It doesn't really matter.

And I guess that's the point.

When I was growing up and there would be a new superhero movie once every few years. Naturally, people got excited, and while I may not have been first in line, the concept didn't seem so offensive. Why not have a bit of candy to go along with your vegetables? But when we live in a whole rife with so very very many real stories worth discussion, and the only films playing at the multiplex are glorified grown up comic books, one can't help but to wonder how things could've gone so askew.

"So why bother," you may ask. Why not just stay at home loading my well worn Criterion cut of "The 400 Blows" into my old-person DVD player and leave the current crop of movies to people who appreciate them? Well, quite simply, I love movies. And while I may occasionally every hour on the hour bemoan the drop in quality, I still hold out hope that the film I'm about to see, superhero or not, will add to the cinematic conversation and offer me something that I've never seen before. And while I can't say that I've never seen a movie like Patty Jenkins new film "Wonder Woman" before, I mean, it is a superhero origin story after all, I can say that I was pleasantly surprised. Very surprised. Believe me, no one is more surprised to be hearing those words come out of my mouth than me.

Not sure if it was my relatively low expectations for the genre, my enjoyment of seeing a strong female lead in an arena so long dominated by men, or just the right combination of action and chemistry to make for a pleasant Saturday afternoon. But whatever the alchemy, Jenkins and cinematographer Matthew Jensen have crafted a well made summer popcorn flick well worth the price of admission.

To figure out exactly how they came to so exceed expectations, Matt Workman has produced a lengthy breakdown of the films cinematography for his YouTube channel, Cinematography Database. Like most movies these days, the look of "Wonder Woman" is equally split between live photography and computer wizardry.  Shot mostly on traditional 35mm film, the movie combines relatively soft light with extensive color correction to render both the mythical and fabricated reality environments in which the story unfolds.

Far from a shoot from the hip operation, the behind the scenes video and breakdown details the epic efforts that went into building the larger than life universe that fills the screen. For fans of the film, a worthwhile companion piece to see how it all came together.

Fair warning, the video contains lots of spoilers, so be sure to see the film first.

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