The Looky Loo: A New Way To Make Kids Look At Your Camera

The Looky Loo: A New Way To Make Kids Look At Your Camera

If you are a photographer specializing in kids and baby photography, or if you're just using your talents to shoot your own kids and family members, this product may interest you. Young kids have a very short attention span, and it's not always easy to get them to look directly to your camera. The 'Looky Loo' is a new product trying to solve this issue in a very simple way.

Photographer Allison Carenza got tired of all the random and weird methods of trying to get the kids attention, like having a squeaky toy right next to the camera, or having someone do funny stuff right behind the camera. This is why she developed this product - to help her on her baby and kids portrait sessions as well as family portraits.

The product itself is fairly simple: 4 light modules that attach to any lens you own by a Velcro band. The light changes its colors randomly and quickly to keep it more interesting for the kids. The illuminated light is strong enough to get the kids attention, but not strong enough to affect the photo itself. The last feature is of course sound - there are 3 different sound settings you can use to make it almost impossible for the kids to ignore.


The price-point for the Looky Loo is between $149 and $199 for 1 set. This is not a cheap or attractive deal to say the least, but if you're in the business of creating great baby images, it may be a good investment.

Allison Carenza: "The story of the Looky Loo starts with my frustrations of having to manage a majority of "tools" to get the attention of children; squeaky dog toys, crazy faces, puppets, you name it I used it. I remember thinking there had to be a better way. I would tell clients I just wish I had some blinking lights on my lens to get the kids to look at me. The idea lived in my head for years before I finally took action.
The Looky Loo Light is a simple yet innovative piece of lighting equipment that uses four light modules that can easily slide over your existing camera lens or hood. It's light-weight design functions wirelessly to emit low level multi-colored flashing lights towards the subject. In addition to three different light settings, each incorporates sound to further entice your subject."

Check out the Kickstarter project to get your own set of the Looky Loo.

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Wow, this is a great idea, but at that pricepoint I don't see too many people being interested. Seems pretty expensive for a couple lights attached to your lens hood. But as mentioned, if you make your money shooting young children then it may be worth it. Im sure it works much better than mom and dad jumping up and down behind you.

The truth is - I kind of really want this product. Not for babies, but for the red carpets I shoot. Sometimes it's so hard to get the celebrity to look at you when 10-15 other photographers shoot next to you. This will make me look stupid, but i have a good feeling about the results ;)

haha, I like your idea

Ooooh, that's nasty...I like how you think!

So what you're saying is... celebrities are children? Or magpies? haha

Noam, I find it odd that many times my comments here do not appear. Is this a Disqus issue?

EDIT: Lol, Disqus says "We are unable to post your comment because you have been blocked by"

Hint taken :-) Godspeed.

hmmm not sure why you see this. I know Disqus only blocks/removes/hides comments with curses... but will check! Sorry about that..

We came to the same conclusion. I think it would be great for this!

very cool. Should make funny noises too.

It actually does make noise too!

haha, one of the dumbest things I´ve seen so should try this: (found this on google, not my own idea!)

no batteries, costs near to nothing, easy to store in your pocket and will work even better I guess....

It is a great idea, but that price point is a little steep for something that's not guaranteed to work. Here's a much cheaper solution that usually works for me:

Is it necessary to use a rolled tower around my neck also?

I hate when my jokes are misspelled as well!

This is actually far better than some of the other ideas for this I've seen. At least this attaches to the lens, not dangles above the camera off the hot shoe.

And I thought putting the Pez dispenser in your hot shoe was a cool idea. This looks much cooler, but it's just a tad more than a Pez ;)

Any blinking light (such as a budget bike light) taped to lens hood would do this just fine. I typically just put some dumb stuffed animal on my head and thats works just as well.

I can't imagine shooting with a giant scarf around my neck, but addictions come in all shapes.

It would also be awesome if when you took the picture it was a ring flash :) ... Just sayin!!!

Ha. maybe v2.0.

I think this is a great idea for children's photography. My only concern is if those led lights are bright enough to cause casts on the photo, does the light curve around to the front of the lens :S

We have been using a prototype for over a year and have never had this problem. The lights are constantly moving so if a still frame catches a light, it is usually a single one if any at all. Also there are light diffusing covers over the leds panels.

I went a different way with a handmade toy that sits on my lens: Wokrs great with kids :)

This Idea is still great and I guess it works great in a studio, but how about indoor shootings with available light at the evening for example...I guess there is a chance of funny colors.

The Looky Loo Light will have 2 brightness settings and color cast has not been an issue on any of the shoots it has been used for thus far.

Just fit a tablet under the lens and play cartoons, it will cost you $59

i think someone or the chinese gonna clone it

lol this will make you look like a clown, good job!

Such a great product.. But dang.. That price.. I'd buy one today if it was half that price...