Jason Bell Photographs Iconic Personalities And Doing It With Style

British photographer Jason Bell is probably one of the most accomplished photographers in the world. By age 45 Jason shot some of the biggest names in the entertainment world (Scarlett Johansson, Angelina Jolie), many film posters (Billy Elliot, Bridget Jones) and some very intimate family portraits of the Royal Family and Prince George. And he did it with style. Not many photographers get to shoot 'personal' work/projects with high-caliber names, but he's one that proves us all it is possible. 

The interview touches on just a tiny part of Jason's career. To see more of his work, check out his website where you can see his editorial, advertising and his video work. It is truly incredible.

[Via ISO1200]

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Noam Galai is a Senior Fstoppers Staff Writer and NYC Celebrity / Entertainment photographer. Noam's work appears on publications such as Time Magazine, New York Times, People Magazine, Vogue and Us Weekly on a daily basis.

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Thanks for posting but I'm not sure why it's on fstoppers. It's a reblog from iso1200 and a video from phase one. So where's the story?

Well, the story is in the video. Which is interesting (in my opinion). I dont care who sponsored it or who was first to post... Interesting is interesting, and this is why it's here :) Sure, it wont be interesting for everyone, but is there any story that is?

it wasn't meant to be rude, it was merely a comment. I love Fstoppers and said nothing was bad about the story or content. Just seemed like it was more of a tweet instead of a blog post. Sorry to offend the masses.

I have to wonder, what is going wrong in your day that you are criticizing the posting, or reblogging of this video on FStoppers? This is a great video, some very cool things are covered in it, in terms of him explaining why he shot something the way he did. I am very glad I saw it. I don't follow ISO1200, or phase one videos as closely as I follow FStoppers, because for the most part I am just too busy during the day to follow everything that is related to photography, and fstoppers is not just original content, they are also an aggregator of content produced by others, . . . and it is FREE! so how could i complain, . . . why would I complain

I really dont think this is an issue if someone is gonna learn from it.

Thanks for posting. I enjoyed it. I love the hear great shooters explain their process. It is an inspiration. BTW, who cares if it is a reblog.

In my opinion anything is related to photography is a plus addition to all of us, each photographer thinks in a unique way, so when one someone like Jason speaks his mind, there is no harm of listening to him and you might get a spark of an idea behind it or learn something you didn't know about. I do agree with Christopher Nolan on what he said. Warm thanks Noam for the beautiful article.

One more time...who cares about the sponsors, who cares about the equipment they use, who cares about the media they use to do the shooting?....the importance is in the words of advice you can get from this great photographers...they are who they are because of years of practice and hard work, and they are giving away tons of advice for free...I think that we should be thankfull for sites like fstoppers for collecting all this bits and pieces of great information either as original pieces or as reblog or whatever...THANK YOU FSTOPPERS

That was very interesting, I loved it.
While just listening to him talk so casually about shooting such important subjects, it reminded me of a big shoot ( a big shoot for me anyway) I have tomorrow and how nervous I am. It makes me want to ask him if he has ever screwed up a very big shoot. I wonder if it makes him nervous shooting people like the royal family.

Love it! Thanks!