Interview/BTS With Lifestyle Photographer Joseph Tyler

I know you all have seen tons of life style photographers, all the happy, smiley shots of girls wearing weird, fashionable clothing. However, I think each photographer who shoots these is able to tell a different story with them. Joseph Tyler is one of these photographer who is able to tell a different story then the others. These shots are not all happy, smiley, and fun looking. They are more on the serious side of things which is a nice little change from the ordinary life style shots.

Joseph recently just got back from a week trip down in LA and had this awesome BTS video shot by Will Start which is more of a fashion video then a behind the scenes. Definitely worth the watch.

I decided to ask Joseph a few questions and get to know him a little bit, here is what he had to say:

1. Tell us a little about yourself?
Hello my name is Joseph Tyler Newell I'm 21 years old. Born and raised in the Inland Northwest. Lets just say my life revolves around being creative. I enjoy being in front of the camera as much as behind the camera. I can admit photography has taken over my life from taking pictures on my dslr to expressing my daily life from my iPhone.

2. What got you started in photography?
Photography was an accident. Long story short I tore my ACL a long time ago and while I was recovering I randomly picked up a camera. I've always considered my self a visual person so taking pictures felt comfortable. Since that day I've been taking pictures non stop.

3. What style do you mainly shoot?
I shoot mainly lifestyle, fashion, portraiture, and conceptual.

4. What equipment do you use?
I use a 5D Mark II and recently upgraded to the 50L 1.2

5. How long have you been shooting?
Roughly 6 years. I found my style in the past 2 years.

6. Who is your biggest inspiration?
My mother is my biggest inspiration. She's supported my photography from the start. With out her love and support I wouldn't be where I'm at today.

7. Where do you see yourself with photography in the next 5 years?
I would love to be working with higher end clients. Also traveling the world of course.

If you like his work, feel free to head over to his Facebook page and give it a like!

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Am I the only person who's annoyed with how "Lifestyle Photography" has been thrown around lately? These (IMO) are just fashion/portraiture shots. What makes them lifestyle? From what I understand (and I may be wrong) lifestyle photography is essentially imagery of people doing things they'd do in their everyday lives to sell a product. Of course it may be exaggerated, but lately I've been seeing so many portraits of girls in little to no clothing shot ambient and people calling it lifestyle.

Obviously this is all subjective, but I've been seeing so many photographers calling themselves "Lifestyle Photographers" when it all seems to be fashion/portraits to me. Guess it doesn't really matter. Just a thought.

This is a better example of lifestyle photography to me:

Eh, I sound like an old geezer. I'm grumpy this morning :P

I don't think there is a dictionary definition for "lifestyle photography". If I had to write one, I'd say "a type of photography where subjects are engaged in an activity, or, lifestyle, in a controlled environment. Its aim can be commercial: to sell a product, idea, or service, or its aim can be applied in retail photography as well, where the photographer documents, say, a family in a candid, natural approach, instead of a posed portrait."

Much of our work is lifestyle. See here:

Stellar work Michael :)

Thank you!

Agreed, however the only activity this subject is engaged in is modeling. IE: Portrait/fashion photography.

Great pictures, but your work is not "lifestyle photography". In lifestyle photography, by definition you do not pose the models. The models have to be doing something (like top comment said), and seem to be naturally doing it (meaning you could fake the natural part). Posing like any studio portraits is simply the opposite of lifestyle photography - it is unnatural, posed, not doing any activities except to get your pictures taken.

I would call your work "stylized family portraits". And by stylized, I mean that you have a very unique way of processing the images.

Even actors/models need to be directed, the "lifestyle" look doesn't just happen :-). I think you may be thinking of street photography.

Meh I agree. I think an important part of what "lifestyle" should be is not sniping the camera or looking like the models are posing.

Agree. Nice photos, but I wouldn't classify them as lifestyle.

Agreed... there's nothing lifestyle about this. Unless the photographer is speaking about this particular brunette model's lifestyle of being a painfully attractive woman parading around in public in underware.


Apparently I'm leading the wrong "Lifestyle" because I'd prefer mine to more resemble this one.

Wow Bob, you hit that right on the head and in addition provided some fantastic example links of "lifestyle" photography. You don't sound like an old geezer, you sound like a seasoned veteran who knows their sh*t. :)

I don't even know what 'lifestyle' means in photography.

Photos in this article are indeed portrait or fashion (and pretty basic).

What Bob sees as an example of lifestyle however (, we used to call reportage or documentary, but then with happy people, and it looks like a personal album.
Very good photos there, btw.

love the links you provided.

Cool post. Beautiful model and solid, keep-it-simple approach to his work. Best wishes to him.

I like them a lot more then all the fake composites that gets shown on this site. Wouldn't mind working like this.

1-Find a model
2-Follow her around shooting her at f/1.4-2.8

I think you'll have to define the "profit" part a little. :)

That's how it works though huh?

Love the video!

Yeah Joey!!!

What in the world is this writing? The sentence, "which is more of a fashion video then a behind the scenes," is a wrong use of the word "then", but that's the least of the copy's problems. Come one fstoppers, if you want to be taken seriously, take yourselves seriously enough to edit your writing before pressing publish.

If you're going to play grammar police maybe you should proof read your own writing before posting, "Come one fstoppers".

exactly... :)

Thank goodness I'm not profiting from my poor writing, right?

boring.... show some boobs!!

Lifestyle means to take pics like anyone without knowledge could take it? :D Nothing interesting in the article, but I really like the video ;-)

Interesting lighting....