Interview With Fashion And Lifestyle Photographer Mike Monaghan

I have never personally met Mike, however I can't seem to get away from him. He definitely has some amazing shots that stand out from the rest of the crowd. I know Mike through a Facebook group called CREATIVOS, which is a group for photographers looking to share tips, tricks, and images and grow within the industry. I keep seeing his work pop up and can't take my eyes away from it.

You can check out more of his work on his Facebook Page or website!

I thought I would ask if he wanted to do an interview and here is what he had to say:

Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a 24 year old photographer from the amazing city of Seattle. I was raised in a town a few hours south of the city in a little more country-like area of Washington. I moved to Seattle about three years ago and living in the city has been an awesome adventure. I am a very outgoing individual, I am always open to helping others in any way I can, especially in photography. I am always open to meet new people as well!

What got you started in photography?
I used to work in the camera department at a local Best Buy, so I naturally became intrigued by the cameras. I also had to take a digital photography class while I was going for a design degree, which to this day is probably my favorite class I’ve ever taken. I was exposed to the ideas and opportunities that photography could bring into my life. I shortly bought my first Rebel DSLR after the class.

What style do you mainly shoot?
I shoot mainly lifestyle, fashion, portraiture, and editorial. Occasionally I get a little conceptual from time to time!

What equipment do you use?
I have a 5D Mark ii, and the only lens I have is a 50 mm f/1.8. I do love getting my hands on a 35 mm whenever I get the chance!

How long have you been shooting?
Five years or so. But I really started finding my style in the last two years.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
Photographer-wise, Jordan Voth, Elizateva Porodina, Taylor McCutchan, Benj Haisch and Derren Versoza. Non-Photographer-wise, it would have to be my dad. He has pushed me to follow this dream I’ve had. I’ve experienced a lot of tough times with my family, he has always managed to stayed strong and keep us going.

Where do you see yourself with photography in the next 5 years?
I actually have no idea. I am taking this whole journey one step at a time. I just really hope that I am able to live comfortably off of my photography. I love doing this, and I hope to be able to call it a job.

What are you guys thoughts?

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so good!

Mike is awesome.  Love his work.  



Lookin good!