Quick Tips for Photographing Bridesmaids

Shooting the bridesmaids is one of the more significant parts of any wedding shoot, apart from photographing the bride and the groom. In fact, you never know, a few of them may end up as your future clients too. Here is Vanessa Joy for Adorama giving her two cents on prepping up to shoot the bridesmaids.

Small Town, Big Sales: How to Profit in a Podunk Market

In a small town in West Texas, one photographer has established a thriving business that rivals big city photography studios. “We’re in podunk Texas,” Kaleigh Horelica says with a spirited, self-deprecating laugh. Although Abilene isn’t an affluent market, it has been the perfect place for Kaleigh to grow a successful studio that earns over six figures in annual revenue.

What Is the Best Portrait Lens?

When it comes to portraits, two major factors determine how good a lens is for many photographers and they are focal length and aperture. Generally speaking, many photographers prefer to have a relatively long focal length with a wide aperture as this helps with both the framing of the shot and also the kind of background blur you can achieve.