Why All Photographers Should Take Self-Portraits

Self-portraits tend to get a somewhat bad rap, in part because of the selfie craze. But, self-portraits can be an incredibly beneficial process for photographers that can lead to great growth and skill development.

Learn Some Helpful Portrait Photography Tips While Watching This Photoshoot

Portrait photography can be a real challenge given all the factors you need to balance simultaneously, and the two that often give photographers some of the greatest difficulties are posing and composition. If those are factors you tend to struggle with, check out this helpful video tutorial that follows a photographer on a shoot while offering a range of useful tips to improve your work.

5 Helpful Portrait Photography Tips for Newer Photographers

Portrait photography takes the combination of technical skills with your camera, lighting knowledge, the ability to work with subjects, and strong editing skills to make a compelling final image, meaning a lot to learn for the new photographer. If you are just starting out, this excellent video tutorial features five helpful tips that will help you get on the right track to becoming proficient.

Helpful Tips for Composing Portrait Photos

A good portrait photo needs a compelling composition to complement the subject and complete the frame, but we tend to focus so heavily on our posing our subjects that it can be easy to overlook everything else. This excellent video tutorial will give you some helpful tips for composing portraits to create better-balanced images.

5 Tips for Lighting the Background of a Portrait

When it comes to lighting for portraits, we mostly focus on learning how to light our subjects; after all, that is what the eye is drawn. But a complete image involves accounting for how the background is lit as well, and that can be the difference that makes your photos truly professional. This helpful video tutorial will give you five tips to improve the lighting of your portrait backgrounds.

The One Skill That All Photographers Must Have

Being a photographer requires a lot of different skills. A well-rounded photographer (pun intended) has technical proficiency with cameras, an understanding of the physics of light, and certainly a lot of business ability. However, there is one skill that all creatives must have. It relates to judgment and valuing your work. Check out this great video to learn more.

How to Have a Successful TFP Shoot

Trade for Print or TFP shoots are shoots where the photographer doesn’t pay the model and the model doesn’t pay the photographer. They are a great tool for when models and photographers are starting out or when they don’t have a budget. Here are some tips for how to make them successful.

Posing Men Who Aren't Models: Tips to Help You Get Great Portraits

A subject who’s not used to being a model can make for some slightly awkward portraits, so having a stock of ideas that you can use can be very useful — particularly if they are men. Check out these ideas for some natural, relaxed portraits of a reluctant male model.

When You Do and Do Not Need a Model Release

If you have ever worked with a model, you’ve probably heard of the concept of model releases. Here is an explanation of when you need them and what kind of language they should contain.

How to Light and Shoot Portraits in the Rain

It is not something we do often, but shooting portraits in the rain can be a great way to give your images a different look that captures the eye. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to light and shoot compelling portraits in the rain.