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5 Tips for Shooting Backlit Portraits

Backlit portraits can be a fantastic way to add drama and visual interest to a photo, but they also require some special considerations to get the effect you want and to maintain the best possible image quality. If you would like to improve your backlit portraits, check out this great video tutorial that features five excellent tips to help you get your photos just right.

How to Edit a Portrait From Start to Finish

When it comes to creating a professional-level portrait, knowing how to light, pose, and photograph your subject is only half the battle. A great portrait also needs a strong edit to be complete. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to edit a portrait from start to finish and show you some helpful tips along the way.

5 Words Headshot Photographers Should Never Say

One of the biggest mistakes I made early on as a headshot photographer was using the dreaded phrase, “I'll fix it in post.” In today's article and accompanying video, I share five reasons why I never say this to my clients, and why you shouldn't either.

How to Edit Portraits in Capture One

While Lightroom and Photoshop are probably the most used post-processing programs, they are far from the only options. Many professionals prefer Capture One for their work, particularly for the way it renders color and for its tethering capabilities. If you are new to the program, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you how to edit a portrait using it.

How to Make More Compelling Portraits by Framing Your Subject With the Environment

There has been a huge rise in the popularity of portraits with shallow depth of field in the last decade, and while those can be compelling, they are certainly not the only way to shoot. In fact, you can give your images an extra dose of visual interest by integrating the environment around your subject in clever ways. This helpful video tutorial will show you just how to go about doing so.

5 Easy Concepts for Portraits in a Park

A park is a fantastic place to shoot portraits, full of interesting architecture, compelling light, and eye-catching foliage. If you would like to explore your creativity a bit, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you five easy concepts for shooting portraits in a park.

The Power of the Portrait

Mastering portraiture involves more than knowing which lens to use to ensure your photograph does not show unflattering perspective distortion. It is not enough that you understand where to place strobes to create dramatic lighting. As portrait photographer Mark Mann explains in this excellent video, it is important that you make a personal connection with your subject.

An Effective One-Light Setup for Portraits

If you look at the work of professional portrait photographers, you will probably notice that they often employ multi-light setups to achieve their desired looks. And while those are useful, you can absolutely create professional-level photos with a single light, and this helpful video will show you what you can accomplish with one.

Important Advice for Portrait Photographers

Portrait photography is a popular but challenging genre that requires you to be at the top of your game in handling a camera, creating lighting setups, post-processing, posing, interacting with a subject, and more. If you are new to the genre and looking to improve, check out this great video tutorial that offers some helpful advice sure to improve your images.

Learn How These Portraits Were Shot and Edited

The beauty of artificial lighting is that you can create fantastically creative and compelling shots that simply would not be possible with only natural light. Using a snoot and gobo is one such possibility, and this excellent video tutorial will show you how one photographer lit, shot, and edited such images using them.

8 Common Lighting Mistakes New Photographers Make

Learning artificial lighting can be a bit daunting for a lot of photographers, but you should not let it scare you! If you are starting to dabble in artificial lighting and looking to improve, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you eight common mistakes beginners make and what you can do to fix them or avoid them entirely in the first place.

5 Composition Tips for Better Portraits

Composition sometimes falls by the wayside in portrait photography, but if you want to elevate your images to the next level, it is something you need to take into careful consideration with every shot. If you would like to improve your portrait compositions, check out this fantastic video tutorial that features five helpful tips from an experienced photographer.

Shooting Natural Light Video Portraits

For several years now, many of us have used Instagram as our primary outlet for sharing and viewing images. However, Instagram has made it clear that the platform is shifting its focus to video. If you haven’t been practicing capturing portraits on video, now might be a good time to start learning how to do so.

How to Use a Softbox to Create Beautiful Rim Light Portraits

There is a lot of flexibility within portraiture to create a wide array of different looks. One of the primary ways to put your own stamp on a shot is through lighting and this tutorial might be just the trick for your next shoot.

BTS of a Natural Light Portrait Shoot in an AirBnB

It's easy to think that if you want to put together a great portrait shoot you need to book an expensive location and have a room full of lights, but sometimes simplicity can be more rewarding.

How Are Fill Lights Used for Portrait Photography?

You can absolutely create professional-level portraits using nothing but a single key light, but once you move into multi-light setups, you get a bit more creative and technical control over the final image. One of the first ways to do this is by adding a fill light, and this excellent video tutorial will show you what it is and how it can be used to create better portraits.

How To Handle High-ISO Noise in Post-Processing

In almost every genre, you will encounter situations in which you are using your lens' widest aperture and you can't make your shutter speed any slower, meaning all you can do is raise your ISO. That will introduce noise into your images, but thankfully, modern post-processing software can do quite a lot to correct that, and this excellent video tutorial will show you how to leverage it to do just that.

Why Do Portrait Photographers Love 85mm Lenses?

85mm lenses are the classic choice of portrait photographers, and it shows, as almost every manufacturer has one, with many of them offering multiple options. So, why are they so popular among portrait photographers? This great video discusses some of their properties and how those features make them a fantastic choice for photographing people.

3 Different Ways To Incorporate Wind in Your Portraits

Adding a bit of motion to a portrait can completely change it, making it a dynamic image that encourages the viewer to look more closely and imagine what story it is trying to tell. One way to add motion is to introduce a breeze, and this great video tutorial will show you three ways to do that as well as how to work with the results.

How To Shoot Outdoor Portraits at Noon

Why would you even consider shooting under the hard and harsh light of midday? Here are some reasons that you should consider it and how you can pull it off.

5 Great Tips for Posing Portraits

How to light a portrait and determine the proper exposure settings are things that can be objectively codified, and in that sense, they can be a bit easier to learn. On the other hand, posing tends to be a bit more nebulous and is something a lot of photographers tend to struggle with when they are learning how to photograph portraits. If you want to improve your posing, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you five excellent tips sure to make your portraits better.

On Jazz, Bassists, and Expecting the Unexpected as Photographers

They say that the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. As photographers, I'm sure many of you can relate to this sentiment as strongly as I do. I had an experience at an on-location shoot that reminded me how important it is to expect the unexpected as a photographer, which I would like to share with you.

Is Macro Photography for You?

Photography authorship has historically been very one-sided. In this video, Vuhlandes is quick to confess that making photographs has historically been a medium for those few people who had the resources by way of money and time to make images.

A Guide to Retouching Portrait Images

When it comes to portrait photos, lighting and shooting the image is only half of the process. Knowing how to edit your images with a careful touch while still applying your signature creative look is the other half. This excellent video tutorial will show you how one photographer edits his shots using a combination of Lightroom and Photoshop.

Shooting Portraits With an Insane 400mm f/2.8 Lens

Traditionally, portraits are shot with focal lengths between 50mm and 135mm, though there is no reason you can't use a longer focal length. Nonetheless, 400mm f/2.8 lenses are traditionally reserved for professional sports and wildlife photographers who need a lot of reach and the ability to capture as much light as possible. With super-sharp results and a narrow depth of field, they seem like a great (if somewhat impractical) option for portraits, and this fun video shows you what you can expect.

Three Fantastic Portraits You Can Create With Just One Light

If you follow the work of high-end portrait photographers, you will probably notice them often using complex three- or even four-light setups. And while there are good reasons for using those, you do not need all that complexity to create professional-level images; in fact, just one light will do if you know how to use it. This excellent video tutorial will show you three fantastic portraits you can create using only a single light.

A Look at Some Common Beginner Portrait Photography Mistakes

Portrait photography is one of the most popular genres out there, and it brings its own challenges and pitfalls. If you are new to portraiture and would like to improve your work, check out this fantastic video tutorial that details some common mistakes beginners make and what you can do to fix them or avoid them entirely in the first place.

3 Different Ways to Use a Beauty Dish for Portraits

Much of great portraiture — particularly in a studio — is the art of great lighting. However, you don't need a 5-light setup and an elaborate scene to create great images, and the beauty dish is far more versatile than its name might imply.

Embracing the Angels of Uncertainty

Wet plate collodion is a photographic process that dates back to the mid-1800s. It involves using antiquated equipment and processes, including toxic chemicals and is difficult to master. So, why would a modern-day successful commercial photographer be interested in pursuing this? And what insights could his journey provide?

Learn How These Fantastic Portraits Were Lit and Shot

Portrait lighting is about a lot more than simply creating a technically balanced image of your subject; it is your chance to exercise your creativity and show off your subject in a compelling and interesting fashion. If you would like to improve your own portrait photography, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you how one photographer lit and shot a set of portraits using several lights and modifiers.

A Complete Beginner's Guide to Using Flash for Portrait Photography

Using flash for portrait photography is something that scares a lot of photographers, but once you master it, you will wonder how you ever worked without the complete creative and technical control it offers. If you are just starting out and unsure of how to get rolling, check out this fantastically comprehensive video tutorial that covers everything from the different types of flash through to how to use TTL and complex multi-light setups.

How To Mix Lights on Location

Being a photographer means being able to adapt to any given lighting situation to create images that are remarkable. In this video, Sophia Carey shares some of her insights with a behind-the-scenes look at a night portrait shoot on film.

How to Create a High Key Background and Rim Lights Using a Softbox

Creating a high key background and adding rim lights is a fantastic way to add a really professional touch to your images, but doing so can take three or four extra lights on top of whatever you are already using to light your subject, often making it particularly cumbersome. What if you could add the high key background and rim lights using just a single light? This fantastic video tutorial will show you how to do it.

100 Years of Men in Love: An Accidental Collection

Photos are, at their essence, about acting as a witness to a feeling or emotion. Neal Treadwell and Hugh Nini's accidental collection, 100 Years of Men in Love, is a witness to love and hope. Showing on HereTV, David Millbern's documentary about Nini and Treadwell's collection is well worth the 60 minute investment.

The Unsung Heroes of Portrait Lenses

There are many staple lenses in portrait photography that are recommended to beginners and professionals alike. However, there is something of an unsung hero lurking in a different genre entirely that could complement your gear arsenal perfectly.

Should You Use an 85mm or 70-200mm Lens for Portrait Photography?

When it comes to portraiture, the wide-aperture 85mm lens has been the classic choice for years, but zoom lenses have come along quite a bit in the past decade, and with their impressive image quality, you might prefer the versatility of having a variety of focal lengths at your disposal. If you are wondering whether to use an 85mm or 70-200mm lens for your portrait work, check out this excellent video tutorial that will show you the pros and cons of each.

3 Straightforward Steps to Improve Your Portrait Lighting

Picking up artificial lighting can be a bit daunting for a lot of photographers, but if you want to take complete technical control of your portraits and expand your creativity, it is something you have to master at one time or another. If you are new to artificial lighting and unsure of how to get started, check out this helpful video tutorial that will show you three steps sure to get you on your way to using flash comfortably.

An Interview With Jordan Blake: Vulnerability and Strength Through Self-Portraiture

Jordan Blake is a black artist originally from Nigeria. He has lived in Baltimore, USA for several years. After finishing college, he made the move to New York to better figure out and explore who he is and what type of images he wants to create. Of course, it doesn’t go unnoticed that New York also offers greater opportunities for collaboration and sharing of work.

A Behind the Scenes Guide to Short and Broad Lighting

Portraiture is one of the most versatile genres of photography, housing many sub-genres within it. One of the most impactful skillsets you can acquire for the craft is lighting and so it is important to know the basic setups and what different lighting styles achieve.

Why Your Focal Length Choice Is So Important for Portrait Photography

When it comes to portrait photography, one of the most fundamental and important creative decisions you can make is the focal length you use. If you are newer to portrait photography and curious about how it affects the look of your final images, check out this fantastic video tutorial that will show you a set of portraits shot at a range of different focal lengths.

How To Turn Your Garage Into a Professional Portrait Studio

When it comes to portrait photography, most professionals employ a range of lighting equipment to dial in the exact images they are looking for no matter where they are or when they are shooting. That being said, you will be amazed what you can accomplish with natural light and the knowledge of how to shape it to your needs. This great video tutorial will show you how to create professional portraits in a garage using just natural light and a few modifiers.

5 Helpful Tips for Better Family Photos

Family portraits are something that will almost always be in demand, but with multiple subjects to manage, with some of them often being unruly kids, it can take a lot to get a successful result. If you want to create better family portraits, check out this excellent video tutorial that will give five tips sure to help you improve.

Three Photographer Challenge: Sony vs Fujifilm vs iPhone

Recently, two photography friends visited the Fstoppers studio on the same day. Of course, this meant I needed to plan a friendly photography competition to see once and for all who is the best photographer in the land! This challenge video comes with lots of twists and turns, but at the core, we ask the question: "can an iPhone beat an expensive $12,000 medium format mirrorless camera?" Today, we find out.

Is There a Difference Between Agency Models and Amateur Models?

If you are a beginning photographer who has only worked with amateur models, it may be your dream to work with a professional model one day. Is there a noticeable difference between working with a professional model and an amateur model?

A Start-to-Finish Guide on Creating Great Portraits With Smoke

There are certain rights of passage in photography that we all should try at some juncture of our time with a camera. They act as both important learning tools but plainly, they're good fun to do. In this video, Pye Jirsa walks you through how he created a great-looking portrait using a smoke bomb.

How to Use Flash to Shoot Better Portraits in the Sun

Shooting with a wide aperture for portraits with a shallow depth of field is a highly popular look, but when you are photographing in the sun with flash, you can run into impossible-to-solve exposure issues — impossible until you introduce some new techniques. This helpful video tutorial will show how to deal with strong sun in outdoor portrait situations to produce better images.

5 Portrait Looks With Just One Background

You don't need a ton of equipment to create a number of looks in a single shoot. In this video, John Gress discusses which background you should go for if you're looking for maximum versatility, showcasing five different looks.