Make Your Indoor Portraits Look Like They Are Outside

Having a strong enough grasp on lighting to control your surroundings — no matter what they may be — can be a powerful tool. Here is a brief tutorial on how to make your indoor portraits look like they were taking outdoors.

A Behind-the-Scenes Tutorial for Baby and Family Photography

Some of the most meaningful photographers most of us will ever take are of families and babies, both our own and those around us. But it's far from an easy niche, so here is a behind-the-scenes demonstration and tutorial.

3 Tips for Creating Dramatic Lighting in Your Portraits

Lighting holds the keys to the overall feel of an image for the most part, particularly with portraiture. In this video, you will see behind-the-scenes of a dramatic, moody portrait shoot with some tips on how to replicate the style yourself.

5 Helpful Tips for Better Posing

While things like camera settings and light placement are quantifiable, posing is a bit more subjective and nebulous and thus is often one of the last things photographers really master. If you have been having a bit of trouble improving your posing, this helpful video tutorial will show you five great tips that will advance your images.

Behind the Scenes of a Beautiful Portrait Shoot with Just One Low Cost Flash

Great portraiture can be created with anything from natural light to a studio full of the most expensive equipment, but if you — like most photographers — are closer to the natural light setup than a high-end studio, perhaps this video might show you just what you can produce with one, cheap light.

Learn How To Shoot This Window Light Portrait Yourself

Portrait photographers generally use artificial light whenever they are working indoors, but window light can be a fantastic source of flattering natural light suitable for a portrait. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to set up and take a compelling portrait using window light and a reflector.

7 Methods for Effectively Posing Men

Learning how to set your camera and light your subjects often means dealing with objectively measurable quantities, but when it comes to posing, the more nebulous and subjective nature can make it far more difficult to master. Most tutorials focus on posing women, but of course, you will often photograph men as well. This great video tutorial will show you some helpful tips and methods for posing men.

Behind the Scenes of This Fine Art Portrait: A Four Light Setup

There are few types of video more valuable than a good behind-the-scenes, particularly when it walks you through the process. Jump backstage in this tutorial to see how this beautiful, fine art portrait was taken with four lights and a purpose-built set.

An Interesting Two-Light Setup for Professional Portraits

Portrait lighting does not always have to be expensive or overly complicated. This excellent video tutorial will show you a professional portrait lighting setup that only requires two speedlights, two shoot-through umbrellas, and a reflector.