How To Use Clamshell Lighting for Beautiful Portraits

With so many lighting setups, it can be difficult to narrow down which ones to use. One of my personal favorites is described right here, in-depth, in this behind-the-scenes video: clamshell lighting.

Tips on How To Plan a Fashion Editorial Shoot

Planning any shoot can be intricate and stressful, but fashion editorials sometimes take that even further with the level of preparation you need. Well, here are some key tips on how to better plan that sort of shoot, with some behind the scenes footage.

Why You Should Shoot Portraits With a Tilt-Shift Lens

Tilt-shift lenses are often thought of as specialist glass destined for only architecture, but their high-quality optics and magical results actually make them perfect portrait lenses.

How I Edited This Portrait in Lightroom

Learn how to transform a dull, washed-out portrait into something more atmospheric with a few tips and tricks in Lightroom Classic.

How to Create a Natural Light Photo Studio at Home

Artificial lighting affords you a wide variety of creative and practical options, but it is not always reasonable or feasible to use it, particularly at home. That does not mean you can't create professional portraits, though, and this fantastic video tutorial will show you how to do it.

3 Important Tips for Beginner Portrait Photographers

Portraiture is a popular genre that challenges both your technical skills behind the camera and your ability to interact with people to draw the best poses and expressions from them. If you are new to shooting portraits, this fantastic video tutorial will give you three tips to keep in mind no matter how far you advance.

5 Portraits You Can Create With Window Light

The beauty of portraits is just how accessible they are to photographers. If you have a camera, you can create beautiful portraits. One of the cheapest and easiest ways is using window light.

Learn How This Dramatic Beach Portrait Was Lit and Shot

Dramatic portraits that mix the natural light of the sun behind the subject with a strobe to emphasize the model are a popular look and a fantastic way to practice lighting skills and to build your portfolio. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to shoot one such portrait to produce professional results.

Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Portraits

When first starting out in photography, it is easy to fall into bad habits or get fixated on a single part of the overall process. Practicing simple and easy steps over and over is a sure way to build the necessary muscle memory needed to make the mechanics of photography second nature so you can spend more effort on interacting with your subject.

Which Is Better Out of the Canon EF and RF 50mm f/1.8 Lenses

With many Canon photographers making the transition from the EF DSLR mount to the RF mirrorless mount, there are questions over whether it's worth adapting your current glass, or selling it and replacing it with the RF versions where possible. So, how do they compare?