Breaking Into Concert Photography: TogTools Podcast with Fstoppers' Rebecca Britt

If music and EDM photography is your dream job, this next interview is just for you. The fourth session in the Fstoppers series over at the TogTools Podcast is finally up, and it's a very unique and interesting one. This week's guest is Fstoppers Staff Writer Rebecca Britt who is an amazing commercial and EDM photographer based in Texas. Aside from being with Fstoppers for a very long time, Rebecca is also a team member at Retouching Academy and runs the largest collective of EDM photographers on social media. In this interview, Rebecca shares her own story and gives a lot of useful tips on how to be a successful music/commercial photographer. 

In just few years, Rebecca turned from an amateur photographer who had no real experience or knowledge, to be one of the leading photographers in her field, which is why this interview is so interesting. She explains how it all started for her, and shares a lot of the things she learned along the way such as how to get access, how to price jobs correctly and of course the importance of interacting with fellow photographers on social media and in real life. 

From now until Fall, a new interview will be released every week featuring one of the Fstoppers writers. Topics range from food photography, concert photography, commercial photography, wedding photography, equipment and more. These podcasts are focused on the business side, such as how to advertise, brand and break into markets.

Below is the tentative schedule of the release dates and the topics that will be covered, links back to each photographer's Fstoppers profile as well as links to their past interviews with the TogTools crew.

8/5/14: Lee Morris - Why You Should Deliberately Start Small.

8/12/14: Lindsey Pantaleo - How to Treat Your Photography Business Like a Real Business.

8/19/14: Adam Ottke - Building Your Business with the Right Gear

8/26/14: Rebecca Britt - Breaking into Concert Photography

9/9/14: Noam Galai - Copyright & Building a Multi-niche Photography Business 

9/16/14: Taylor Mathis - The Business of Food Photography

9/23/14: Sarah Williams - Infusing YOU Into Your Brand

9/30/14: Clay Cook - Fashion, Editorial and Advertising Photography

10/7/14: Zach Sutton - How to Develop Photography Education Products and Services

10/14/14: Jaron Schneider - Where Video is Headed and How it Will Be Utilized Differently

10/21/14: David Bickley - Understanding the Subtleties of Negotiations With High Profile Clients

10/28/14: Patrick Hall - Building a Relationship-based Photography Business

Please visit the TogTools website to watch each episode. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to watch for newly released podcasts.

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Noam Galai is a Senior Fstoppers Staff Writer and NYC Celebrity / Entertainment photographer. Noam's work appears on publications such as Time Magazine, New York Times, People Magazine, Vogue and Us Weekly on a daily basis.

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That was really cool. There is some great advice in that video.
I think its awesome how Rebecca started out (so there must be hope for me... at some point!)
Great vid, loved it.

Thank you so much, Sara! We're so glad you enjoyed it! xo

Thanks for the share, Noam! You're next :) Yay!!

And this is why I don't make videos. I'd have the same problem.
Way too many "you-know"s. I had to turn it off after a back to back "you-know".
Actually, I'd have more um's and ah's.
Though I still enjoy your columns very much.
P.S. You 2 look very uncomfortable crowded into the screen, back off a bit.