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Lee Morris
Charleston, SC
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I've been a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years. In 2010 I cofounded Fstoppers.com with Patrick Hall.

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Hi, I just joined Fstoppers and saw your post regarding the D750 pricing... My search has confounded me on purchasing a gray market priced camera that will include a manual written in English, and also I have been told that certified Nikon repair centers will not accept a gray market camera for any type of repair...Also I wonder if a battery and battery charger would be included with a gray market purchase. Thank you in advance for your time; I live in LA.

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Please can you help me how to add my gear in my profilem that is not in context menu so i can not choose from and must add it manually.
Unfortunatelly every time after typing a new item ( for example Sony 24/2.0 Zeiss Distagon) and saving changes the item disappears and is not saved.
Thank you,

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I really appreciate the photo like, especially coming from you! It is more than well received! Thank You!

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Hello..im new here.kindly check out my profile. Thank you

I missed the original posting -- I wasn't a member -- of this article back in July and also the critique sessions that followed.
I'm very eager to have some of my work reviewed and commented on by active professionals.

Is there a way to link or submit a few of my photos and have them reviewed?
Michael D'Amato

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Standard writer position: I have a background in graphic & interior design and have studied a cross section of creative fields such as history of cinema and theatre. I have strong writing skills, thanks to being enrolled in public speaking courses since the age of eight. I could write about how the principles found in all creative fields apply to photography, particularly architectural interiors.

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Thanks for the feedback, Lee! Any critique to turn my 4 stars into 5 stars would be much appreciated

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Here is the new, worlds largest camera: http://www.photonics.com/Article.aspx?AID=57065

Lee - I'm applying for the standard writer position and am uploading images now. Thanks and I look forward to your quick response.