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Lee Morris
Charleston, SC
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I've been a professional wedding photographer for over 10 years. In 2010 I cofounded Fstoppers.com with Patrick Hall.

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Hey Lee, I'm a 16 year old posting a picture to instagram every day this year as a way to force myself to improve and get creative. 1 third of this project is complete. I'm really enjoying it thus far. Could you review some of my photos? I think some constructive criticism would really help me improve.

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I'd be happy to. Upload them to your portfolio on Fstoppers and I'll rate every single one of them.

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Ok Lee I uploaded my first 10 photos to my portfolio.

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Lee, I know you guys occasionally profile photographers here on Fstoppers and I wanted to send someones work your way. I don't know her at all but I think she's a great photog that's really underrated -- worth a look for sure.


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Can you help me ti add my entries to the ultimate camera give away
Because if i am having any luck i don't want to miss this opportunity of getting a flagship camera as my first one..
Please respond ..
And please critique my photos

Good day Lee. I saw your promotions about the tutorial with Elia Locardi. It is great and amazing. Congratulations. Im JayenLapez from the Philippines. Im interested to buy of the Elia Locardi's 2pack tutorial. I have a query, thus this include the FREE 32GB usb? Thank you. See you in the Philippines if you have a plan to promote the nature there. Im from bohol from the chocolate hills. It is a good place for astrophotography. See you. Im glad to know you all guys.

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No, the 2 pack is for digital download only.

How could i avail the usb and the 2 pack tutorial? Thus it include discounts also? Please send me link

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Thanks for the photo like, Lee! I've been watching the awesome critique videos and they led me here to the site. Have a good one!


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Thanks Lee

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You do great work, Lee. Thanks for all the helpful videos!

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I was going to do the same thing but assumed that it would have been done before.

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Lee need some help here what is a good 3rd party flash for a nikon d7000 that will take full advantage of the feature set of this great camera. I would love to be able to afford Nikon's great flash but living from a disability check puts that baby out of budget. Lucky enough to have found one of refabed d7000 you talked about got one with only 50 clicks great camera. Any help would really go a long ways. Thank you, Jim PS how is Pat's 70 to 200 doing after its fall?

I purchased the training the art of the headshot and got a link to a very slow download. So i was not able to get the files after several tries. 10 days later the link was expired. I try to contact to the email mentioned 2 times already, no answer. So really not happy with this. Please help :)

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Hi Lee, I look at your website every day. Great job! I know your always looking for articles and you might like one that was just done on us for Vanguardworld. These is behind the scenes and final images there. Take a look at the link and let me know if you might be interested in doing something with this.