This Pac-Man Fan Film Will Blow Your Mind (Behind The Scenes Video Too)

It's true, I have a soft spot in my heart for fan films, but this short is simply too good to ignore. James Farr took his passion and turned it into a script, and then over the course of a year was able to put together this project with the help of many other talented folks. This looks better than most video game movies Hollywood is putting out these days! Hit the jump for the Behind The Scenes Video!

From the ProjectYellowSphere Website:

"What the heck is a Pac-Man? What are the ghosts? What and/or where is this blinking blue maze? And how exactly can a hungry yellow ball exit on the left side of the screen, and re-appear again on the right? On the surface, it was absolute, utterly random nonsense.

Then James Farr wrote a script. And suddenly … it WASN’T.

It soon became Steelehouse’s mission on earth to create PAC-MAN The Movie – a concept that would not only blow people’s minds, but explain once and for all just how PAC-MAN makes sense in a live action world.

One year later, and that mission is complete. A childhood dream made real through the tireless efforts of EVERYONE at Steelehouse Productions. As a studio full of gamers, movie buffs, 80s kids and PAC-MAN fans, we threw everything we had at this piece. And then some.

It is our love letter to the 80s, to PAC-MAN, and to NAMCO for helping make our childhoods so much fun. This is the movie we’ve waited our entire lives to see.

The greatest 80s movie never made."

For more information, check out ProjectYellowSphere, and leave your comments below to tell me what you thought of this!

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f***ing awesome.

This is just freaking awesome! Fantastic idea & movie!

Very very well done! Totally sharing this.

Not only is the Pac Man rethink flippen' awesome, the video it well done too!

Bua's picture

WOW! When is the feature length coming out?

Mike Dougherty's picture

Epic and inspiring!