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Mike Wilkinson
Lexington, KY
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Mike Wilkinson is an award-winning multimedia director with his company Wilkinson Visual, based out of Lexington Kentucky but with basecamps in Colorado and Michigan. Mike has been working in production for over 10 years as a shooter, editor, and producer. His passion lies in outdoor adventures, so you can often find him on a trail or mountain top, with his camera equipment and dog in tow.

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my email is kblaw@icloud.com. Appreciate the reply, Ken

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Hi Mike, I am to live in Lexington. Would enjoy meeting you or seeing your office work space sometime. I am 69 and and enthusiast of video work.

kind regards,

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Thanks for reading on the site. I'll send you a message.

Hi Mike!
Thanks for a great article!! I'm just beginning the "journey" as a editor so the article was very useful for me.
Some questions;
1 What do you recommend for monitors? I haven't the money to buy high end Eizo or Dell monitor.
2. Do you charge by the hour or a total prize? What is the hourrate in US(approximate) for editing.

Best Regards
Lennart Persson

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Thanks for reading. For monitors, you can edit on just about anything, but to accurately judge color and exposure, I'd recommend at the least using a macbook or iMac screen, which you may already have. If not, then a mid-range dell might have to do. Unfortunately I've not found a cheap solution for professional color monitoring for video.

What I charge depends on the client, project, location, post production needs, and how busy I might be at any given moment. Rates can easily vary between $50-$120 depending on the variables above.

Thanks for your answers!! I'll hope you will contineue to write aboute editing and grading.

Best Regards

Hello Mike! I just saw your https://fstoppers.com/bts/canon-lenses-panasonic-gh4-using-metabones-spe.... Its AMAZING review! I also have Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 CANON mount, maybe you know can I use it with Metabones Speedbooster for BMPCC without any modification?

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You can indeed.

Hi again!
I-m using your article and setup as a "roadmap" for my equipment:-)
I have just bought a MacBook Pro 15.4 with 256 SD-disk. Do you have the original files(video, sound, grapichs..) on a seperate disk and the project file on the SD-disk, or how do you work?

Best Regards!


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I use the startup disk for applications and personal documents. I try to put project files and video/audio files onto high-speed external drives whenever I can... the constant writing/rewriting that video editing requires is bad for the life of SSD drives from what I have heard.

Every paid project I build into the cost at least one hard drive, and I put all work and files on that. I will sometimes place a copy of media or projects files onto a local drive just as a backup, but I don't work off of them.

Thanks for the answer!
Can you recommend any high-speed external drives?

Best Regards

Hey Mike, I read your article on packing and backpacking with photo/video gear. I really appreciate the tips. I wanted to get your take on the idea of a nikon 18-200 and a tokina 11-16 for backpacking. I realize that the quality of these lenses is not pro. I didn't know if you might have any better quality suggestions.

Thanks for your time. Wes

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There are so many options and so many questions to ask yourself... shooting stills or video? Landscape or wildlife? Timelapses? Can you shave off some weight for one thing to justify the heavy lens? The Tokina is a solid lens and I used to use one, but an 18-200 sounds like a lower end lens... but if it is your first trip doing this, try it out. You'll learn so much and be more prepared the next time.

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Hi Mike!
This is Amy from Gudsen which is an industry leader in developing & manufacturing professional video-making equipment. . I noticed you wrote about Nebule 4000. I thought you may be interested in MOZA 3-axis handheld camera stabilizer. Take a look. www.gudsen.com What do you think?

Mike, I have a question for you regarding your post (Tips for Making a Better Video Demo). On step 4 when you are selecting your clips from old projects. Is there a way you can copy the exact clip from the timeline to a new folder? For example I have a clip that I color graded and only used a section of the original clip. I would love to use that clip without having to color grade and clip the clip again. Hope that makes sense...

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Tyler, It depends on your NLE. In FCP7, you can have different projects open simultaneously and absolutely do a copy/paste (if you pulled that project/clip from an archived hard drive, you'll need to find the original video file on the drive and copy a version to your local drive or demo reel drive. Once you've done that, in your demo reel project you will need to re-connect the file by taking it offline, and then using the reconnect media command. Point to the copy you placed on the demo reel drive, and you're good to go)

If you're on Premiere or going across platforms, the simplest thing to do would be to set in/out points and export your color graded clip(s) as new files. Then you can add them to whatever project you need to.